Verdicts and Settlements in New York Personal Injury Cases

Below is a listing of some settlements and verdicts in our New York personal injury cases. Please note that prior results do not guarantee future outcomes as each case is unique and your case will have its own unique circumstances.

$2.3 million – Construction Accident Trip and Fall in Brooklyn

Our client was working on a construction site in Brooklyn when he tripped on cables that were not tidied after electrician completed work in that area. Our client suffered debilitating injuries to his back, which required 7 surgeries to remedy. A settlement of $2.3 million was reached.

$1,750,00 – Staten Island Nursing Home Slip and Fall

Plaintiff, an 85 year old man slipped and fell while unsupervised in restroom. The Staten Island nursing home were aware of a leak in that restroom and had not repaired it for two days. Our client sustained serious head trauma and internal bleeding. We negotiated a $1,750,000 settlement on behalf of our client.

$3,000,000 – Manhattan Supermarket Slip and Fall

A 38 year old female client was shopping in a Manhattan supermarket. Client slipped in the dairy isle on milk which had leaked from the refrigerator. Video footage showed the spillage occurred 110 minutes before the incident occurred. Our client suffered a herniated disc and developed arthritis which will require ongoing treatment. Before going to trial, the insurance company settled the case for $3,000,000.

$4,000,000 Trip and Fall in Apartment Building in Queens

Our client, a 42 year old male, exited his Queens apartment via the steps and fell because of an uneven step with broken pieces. The plaintiff fell down several steps and fractured his hip and broke his arm. Our legal team negotiated a $4,000,000 settlement against the landlord.

More case results from our slip and fall lawyers will be posted soon.

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