More often than not people slip, trip and or fall. It is something that it is unavoidable. In that process, unfortunately, people can get injured. How severe the injury is, depends on how one slipped and where among other factors.

The trip, slip, and fall accidents are not only caused by wet or damp floors within a facility. Improper cleaning, clutter and footwear can also cause hazards for both employees and building occupants alike. According to various reports, half of the facility accidents can be attributed to the type of flooring used. Further reports indicate the severity of the slip-fall accidents, for instance, over 540,000 slip fall injuries occur in North America each year, and they require hospital care. And over 300,000 cases of the initial number cause disabling each year in North America.

So as you can see, slip and fall accidents are also very severe compared to other types of accidents and injuries that might happen elsewhere. The following is a look at some of the common injuries that tend to occur after a slip and fall.

5 Slip & Fall Injury Types

1. Head Injuries

Depending on how you fall, head injuries are a common occurrence. Traumatic brain injuries that happen as a result of the victim’s head striking the ground hard can have severe and lifelong consequences. You might be aware that the head and the brain, in particular, is very sensitive; therefore, slip and fall victims who get brain damage may need extensive rehabilitation and could struggle with progressing mobility issues, memory problems, cognition problems, and behavioral problems.

2. Neck, Back And Spine Injuries

Catching yourself from slipping and falling can result in extremely painful, and hard to treat back and neck injuries.
These types of injuries bring about a lot of complications depending on the severity. A broken back, a slipped disc, or another injury could lead to a need for surgery, chronic pain, or an inability to return to work. In extreme cases, the injuries can be fatal or can cause complete paralysis to the victim.

3. Broken Hips Or Broken Pelvis

Are you aware that a high percentage of slip and fall victims are seniors? Unfortunately, the elderly are both more likely to fall and more likely to be seriously injured in that fall. A fall and slip accident that breaks a victim’s pelvis or hip could lead to a prolonged nursing home stay or a hip replacement surgery.

4. Torn Tendons And Ligaments

Tearing a tendon or ligament in your knees, feet, and wrists is very painful and can have long-term implications. Many tears take months to heal and may require physical therapy. Some tears could require surgery, and some patients never return to their initial fitness.

5. Broken Hand And Leg

Depending on how you slip and fall, you can break or fracture a limb. You can experience a very intense pain, and
the results of the injury to the hand or leg can be very severe. The implications of a broken limb can be dire. In some cases, people have had to be amputated to prevent further damage to the legs and hands.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall on property belonging to someone else and are thinking about a legal claim, you should talk about your case with experienced attorneys. You should be quick in getting legal help because there are time limits in which injured persons may file a personal injury lawsuit.