It was hard enough placing your loved one in someone else’s care. But learning they’ve been mistreated is a betrayal, plain and simple. Your loved one deserved more then, and they deserve more now.

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Placing a loved one in a nursing home is a difficult decision. The deciding factor is getting the best level of care possible for a person who requires professional help. That medical care is expensive, but it’s a price worth paying to ensure comfort and stable health for your family member.

It’s a shock when you discover that the comfort you intended to provide was not delivered. It’s worse when you realize the level of pain, humiliation and suffering the abuse caused. It’s angering to be informed that the damage may extend well into the future.

The next choice you make is an important one.

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Our New York nursing home abuse attorneys have won millions in awards and settlements during decades of service to the elderly community. We’re well regarded in legal circles and among elderly advocates alike. Our network of connections is substantial across the entire state of New York and spans the nation. We have the resources to win.

We’re honored to be your voice in the courtroom. We contend every point of law. We prepare for the defense. We plan to thwart every objection and strategy. Courts award our clients millions because of detailed planning and flawless execution.

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Things to Consider About a Nursing Home Lawsuit

Any legal action is a serious step because the issues at hand are central to the enjoyment of life. In our extensive experience, there is no legal action more fundamental to quality of life now and in the future than a nursing home abuse lawsuit.

Some of the issues to consider are:

  • Time Involved: The plaintiffs bringing the suit are personally involved only a short fraction of the time. As your attorneys, we’ll respect the demands of your life and work with you to make sure everything moves forward with a minimal time investment on your part.
  • Chance of Recovery: Our free case evaluation will inform you about the chances of a recovery and make a recommendation. Generally, the chances for a recovery are very good when we advise to move forward, because we risk all the expenses until a recovery is made.
  • How a Lawsuit Affects Future Care Levels: When nursing home staff understand that you’re an engaged family member, their level of job performance generally changes for the better. Your loved one and your family have rights. Putting others on notice that you’re prepared to defend those rights is rarely if ever a bad thing.
  • Cost: There are no upfront costs of a nursing home lawsuit. Our firm pays all expenses until the recovery is made in your favor. We’re determined to get that recovery for you.

Until providing the proper levels of staffing, training and care necessary is made a financial priority for nursing home management, nursing home abuse is likely to continue for generations to come. A lawsuit is often a wake-up call that encourages a higher level of performance in the future.

Personal Injury vs. Medical Malpractice

Most lawsuits that involve negligent nursing homes fall into one of two categories: personal injury or medical malpractice. Contrary to popular opinion, medical malpractice is not equivalent to personal injury, despite the fact that most instances of malpractice result in injury. Here are two examples to help clarify the distinction:

A personal injury lawsuit can be filed against most employees, managers, or owners of elder care facilities. For example, if a janitor fails to clean a spill in the hall, and your loved one falls, that janitor may be sued for negligence. Why? Cleaning spills is within the purview, the professional responsibility, of a janitor. But even though nursing homes in New York City are considered “health care facilities,” this wouldn’t be an example of medical malpractice.

Physicians, doctors, and medical professionals are generally held to a higher standard of care than other nursing home staff members. If your loved one goes into cardiac arrest, we wouldn’t expect a janitor to jump in and save the day. Most janitors never went to medical school, and wouldn’t have any idea what to do in an operating room. If the janitor noticed your loved one’s distress, and failed to notify a doctor or nurse, that might be a valid case of negligence. But not medical malpractice.

Nurses and doctors, on the other hand, have completed a period of advanced training and now possess a specialized knowledge. We could reasonably expect them to recognize the signs of cardiac arrest and handle the situation to the best of their abilities. If they fail to do so, they can be found guilty of medical malpractice.

Malpractice on the part of a medical professional can take numerous forms. Find examples here.

Latest Nursing Home Abuse Updates

New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer
Keep up to date with the latest stories, lawsuits and settlements in the area of nursing home abuse, neglect, and negligence.

November 2, 2016- New Jersey Nursing Home Being Sued For Neglecting An Alzheimer’s Patient

Woodcrest Health Center in New Milford, New Jersey is being sued by a family of an elderly Alzheimer’s patient for neglect. The family states that they have photos taken inside the nursing home showing their mother sitting in her own feces with human waste smeared across her face.These allegations of neglect are part of a lawsuit against Woodcrest and its parent company, Care One. Care One is a New Jersey nursing home operator with many other facilities across the Garden State. The family also believes that their mother broke her hip as she tried to get to the bathroom when nurse aides did not answer her call for help to get to the toilet.

October 27, 2016- Ontario Nurse Allegedly Killed Eight Elderly Nursing Home Patients

An Ontario nurse was recently charged with murdering eight elderly patients in her care. She was charged with first-degree murders of eight residents aged 75 to 96. The deaths took place between August 2007 and August 2014. All eight of the alleged victims lived in two different long-term care residences. She murdered the victims by administering a drug that is not being disclosed yet. The nurse started being investigated on September 29 after police received information from an undisclosed source that there had been eight people murdered in the course of several years.

September 27, 2016- Abused Seniors Offered Free Room By Bergen County Nursing Home

A top-rated nursing home in Bergen County has made the move to reserve a free room for any senior in need of temporary residence. The room is open to seniors who are escaping exploitative, neglectful or violent circumstances. This move comes after officials have raised concerns about elder abuse in the region. The Bergen County Office of Adult Protective Services has investigated over 200 reports of abuse this year alone. Of those reports, there were 40 cases in which a senior has been physically abused or financially exploited by family members or caregivers or others.

August 31, 2016- Nursing Home Aide Caught On Camera Beating Resident

On Tuesday, August 30, 2016, a 56-year-old Hopkins woman was sentenced after a hidden camera caught her repeatedly beating a nursing home resident. The former nurse aide pleaded guilty on July 19th to fourth-degree and fifth-degree assault. She was sentenced to six days in the Hennepin County Workhouse and will also be on probation for two years.

June 24, 2016- Nursing Home Aides Allegedly Stole $2.5M From Resident

A nursing home is being sued by its resident’s son for alleged financial abuse. The 79-year-old resident had more than $3 million saved up, but it was slowly being taken out of his account by nurses’ aides. It is believed that nurses’ aides were writing checks to themselves from his account for almost two years when he moved into the Regents Park at Aventura nursing home. The man’s son claims Regent’s Park should be held partially liable for the theft of almost $2.5 million.

May 25, 2016- Dementia Patient Wrapped In Bedsheets Like A Mummy By Nurse

A dementia-afflicted patient was caught on camera wrapped in a bedsheet like a mummy. The bedsheets were being used as a form of a straitjacket. The Long Island nurse was caught on camera by the daughter of the patient, who wanted to make sure her mother was not being abused. The footage was saved and taken to the NYPD for investigation for unlawful imprisonment, however, the nurse also ran away and is also being tracked.

April 26, 2016- Illinois Bill Looking To Ban Anonymous Nursing Home Abuse Calls

A bill is being considered by Illinois state lawmakers, with regard to the investigation of anonymous calls of alleged abuse or neglect in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. In essence, what this bill is looking to do is to not investigate any anonymous calls about abuse. The purpose of this bill is to lessen the number of false accusations of harassment. Those opposed to this bill state that doing this would put the resident’s safety at risk if the potential for investigation is eliminated under certain circumstances.

March 24, 2016- Florence Nursing Home Sued For $1 Million Over Resident’s Death

An 83-year-old man died in a Florence, Oregon nursing home and his daughter is suing the home for nearly $1 million. The lawsuit was filed in Lane County Circuit Court, stating that Regency Florence was negligent in not correctly addressing signs of dehydration and various health symptoms that led to the 83-year-old’s death in March of 2015.

February 26, 2016- Lawsuit Filed For Nursing Home Where Employee Posted Nude Photos Of Resident

A nursing home in South Dakota has been sued over an employee posting nude photos of a resident online. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the resident who died a few months after the photos were posted, claims the nursing home Golden Living, was negligent in their hiring, training and supervising of their employee. The nursing home’s failure to do so was a failure in ensuring the victim’s well-being. The damages for this lawsuit have not been specified

January 28, 2016- Cook County Woman Files Lawsuit For Poor Care At Nursing Home

In Chicago, a Cook County woman filed a lawsuit on January 25, against Exceptional Care LLC. The woman is filing the case on behalf of her mother who was admitted to the nursing home in November 2012 with Parkinson’s disease, bipolar disorder, and other disorders. She alleges that her mother ended up suffering from respiratory distress, falls, confusion, and open wounds because the staff neglected her.

December 31, 2015 – Boca Raton, Florida- Man Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Nursing Home

Whitehall Boca was sued for a wrongful death lawsuit when a Delray Beach man filed a case against them for the death of his mother. The man alleges that staff at the nursing home did not do enough to save his mother, who felt like she was choking due to a condition she was suffering from. Her condition made it hard for her to swallow or eat or drink solid foods. His mother’s airway was filled with vomit which made her condition even more severe.

December 29, 2015 – New York Nursing Home Owners Plead Guilty In Abuse Cover-Up

MVNH Associates have pleaded guilty to charges of covering up resident abuse and neglect. The owners, Gerald and Justin Wood faced charges of eavesdropping and conspiracy. Gerald Wood received a sentence of three years on probation and Justin Wood was sentenced to one year of conditional discharge. Conditional discharge is a type of probation that holds back punishment on the basis of the defendant complying with certain conditions.

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