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TopGolf Facing Lawsuits After Widespread Injuries To Customers

What was supposed to be a fun night out with friends has quickly turned sour for several customers of Topgolf, a popular golf game chain with locations throughout the United States and in other countries. Several people have suffered serious injuries due to what our attorneys believe may have been negligence. Some of those injured have begun taking legal action by filing lawsuits against Topgolf, and we believe there will be more lawsuits as people continue to get injured at Topgolf locations throughout the country.

What Injuries Have Happened at TopGolf?

Drinking alcohol is a major part of the Topgolf experience for many customers, which can lead to dangerous situations and serious injuries.

Multiple People Have Lost Eyes in Accidents at TopGolf

In Dallas, Cooper Brown's life was changed forever after a night at TopGolf. During what began as a fun night, things went south suddenly after an allegedly drunk golfer hit a ball that struck Brown in the right eye. He lost his eye in this accident and has since replaced it with a prosthetic.

Another Dallas visitor to TopGolf lost an eye in 2013. Rebecca Brown was reportedly sitting at a table at TopGolf when another intoxicated customer his a ball backward, striking her in the eye. She also lost her eye and had to replace it with a prosthetic.

A third person suffered a lost eye after a friend she was golfing with struck her in the eye while swinging his club backward.

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At Least 4 People Have Been Injured In Falls At TopGolf

In Fort Worth in July of 2017, two men were hospitalized after a fall from a second-floor deck of the facility. The two men got into a fight and fell, suffering minor injuries.

A man fell through a Dallas TopGolf anti-fall netting system in August of 2013 after his foot went through the net, causing him to fall to the ground below.

In 2012, Air Force Serviceman Charlie Paloma was rendered paralyzed after a fall at TopGolf.

What Other Injuries Are TopGolf Customers At Risk of Suffering?

There are many other types of injuries that our attorneys believe TopGolf customers are vulnerable to, including:

  • Losing teeth after being hit by balls and clubs
  • Concussions caused by balls and clubs hitting customers in the head
  • Cuts and lacerations suffered from falls or being struck by balls and clubs
  • Sprains and broken bones suffered in falls

Why Have There Been So Many Injuries At TopGolf?

Our personal injury lawyers believe that there are a few factors that have led to high injury rates among TopGolf customers.

Culture of Excessive Drinking

We believe that TopGolf encourages excessive drinking by customers, and this is the main draw for many people who choose to patronize the various locations throughout the country. The company's branding encourages customers to come hit golf balls with groups of friends while enjoying food and alcoholic beverages.

Some of the TopGolf injuries that have been reported have involved drunk patrons. Alcohol can lead to clubs slipping out of people's hands and striking others, balls being shot off the mark and hitting customers, or customers falling due to an inability to maintain balance.

Does TopGolf Have Inadequate Safety Standards?

Our lawyers think there is reason to believe that TopGolf has failed to utilize adequate safety standards that could protect customers from suffering preventable injuries.

Notably, TopGolf does not have vertical nets in place, which could block balls and flying clubs from striking customers. A netting system similar to what you'd see at the lower levels of a baseball stadium could prevent many injuries.

Should I Talk To A Lawyer If I've Been Injured At TopGolf?

Businesses have a legal obligation to make sure their customers are reasonably safe from preventable dangers. With several serious injury cases occurring at TopGolf, our attorneys believe that this company has shown a negligent disregard for the safety of their customers.

An isolated injury case might be excusable if an appropriate response is made to prevent similar injuries in the future. However, TopGolf has failed to meaningfully address the causes of the serious injuries their customers have suffered. Our personal injury lawyers believe this is inexcusable.

If you've been seriously injured at a TopGolf location in the United States, you may have grounds for a lawsuit against the company. Your legal options will depend on the circumstances of your injury. We advise discussing your case with an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine if your injuries were preventable and caused by negligence.

Our TopGolf injury lawyers are prepared to investigate your claim and help you understand your full legal options in a free consultation.

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