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New York Attorneys Pursuing Justice After Cruise Ship Accidents

Vacation – this one word sends feelings of excitement and joy through nearly every hard working American’s mind. For many, the goal of taking a vacation is to relax and let go of the stress experienced at home and work every day. No cleaning, cooking, or work.

For many, the idea of taking a cruise where a buffet of food is available 24 / 7 and attendants are available to assist with a vacationer’s every need, is absolute heaven. The top reasons that people choose to go on a cruise include:

  • Access to childcare and activities for children in a confined area.
  • The ability to stop at multiple locations – with someone else “behind the wheel”.
  • The price! Cruises do offer a great value for the number of destinations and activities that are included.
  • A desire to be on the ocean. If you want to enjoy the sea breeze and some sunshine, the decks and pools that are a part of the ship provide that access.
  • A desire to meet new people. You never know who might sit at your table or who you will be paired with during an on-land excursion.

Bowling, bingo, dances, shows, casinos, and hundreds of other options can all be found on cruise ships. With all of the amenities available, it’s hardly surprising that the cruise industry is booming and that it has been predicted that 24 million people will take a cruise in 2016 alone. Sadly, many of these passengers will find that their vacation is ruined due to a preventable accident.

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Types Of Claims Commonly Made

Our team has represented clients who were injured by:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Pool and Waterslide Accidents
  • Overboard Accidents
  • Navigation Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Sexual Assault
  • Accidents During Recreational Activities

Any one of these accidents can result in serious injuries. The most commonly reported injuries include back injuries, head and brain damage, broken bones, lacerations, amputations, and drowning. After being hurt, passengers typically expect that their insurance will cover their medical expenses but this isn’t always the case, especially considering most cruises take vacationers outside of the country. This is why many victims turn to an attorney for help when the company they chose to sail with is liable.

How Do I Know If The Cruise Company Is Liable?

When you purchase your ticket, the ticket itself is a type of contract. Generally, the company will provide you with the information you need to determine what their scope of liability is. These terms may dictate how long you have to file a lawsuit, where there lawsuit may be filed, and the steps you must take after an accident to inform the cruise line of your injuries.

If you have sustained a serious injury, it may be possible to obtain compensation for your past and future medical expenses, the loss of income, physical pain and suffering, and, in some cases, emotional trauma.

What If My Loved One Died?

If your loved one passed away from the injuries they sustained while on a cruise, it may be possible to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

A wrongful death lawsuit is essentially the same as a personal injury lawsuit, however, the plaintiff is typically the spouse or family member of someone who was died due to another party’s negligence. Compensation for the losses suffered by the survivors can include:

  • The loss of the deceased’s income.
  • The loss of potential inheritance.
  • The loss of support.
  • Medical expenses for treatments the deceased received for the injury which caused their death.
  • Coverage for the funeral expenses.

Damages can ensure that those left behind are not financially ruined by an untimely death.

How Much Is My Lawsuit Worth?

This is the question our firm is asked the most and the fact is, there is no easy answer. No two cases are alike and the court will take many factors into account when determining the appropriate amount to award a plaintiff. After reviewing records and speaking with a client, one of our experienced attorneys can provide an estimate of how much can potentially be obtained, either through a settlement or award.

For more articles about the types of personal injury cases we handle, visit our page on shootings:

Reasons Why Going On A Cruise Is Dangerous
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