Were You Injured In A New York City Taxi Cab Accident?

According to Schaller Consulting, on average New York sees approximately 4,000 accidents involving taxi cabs each year. As taxi’s account for 25% of Manhattan’s traffic population, a large portion of these accidents take place within the city. In comparison to accidents involving other vehicles, cab passengers are at a higher risk of sustaining injuries for two primary reasons. First, passengers traveling in a taxi often neglect to wear their seat belts. Second, it seems that the partition separating the front and back seat increases the likelihood of sustained injury, even for those wearing their seat belts, given the hard stop upon impact. 

The personal injury lawyers at Banville Law are dedicated to representing the rights of accident victims throughout NYC’s five boroughs. We leverage an extensive knowledge of New York’s regulations, a wide range of resources, and proven trial experience in each case. Whenever possible, we seek the maximum compensation for our clients, reimbursement that covers medical expenses and lost wages, but also extends to “non-economic damages,” like emotional hardship, suffering, and loss in enjoyment of life.

Different Types Of Accidents

Our New York taxi accident lawyers are prepared to investigate any accident involving a cab in New York City. Follow the links to learn more about our specific areas of practice:

You can learn more about the common injuries suffered during a taxi accident, the legal status of taxi cabs in New York, and the common causes of cab crashes, by visiting our “Cab Accident FAQs” page here.

We also offer resources specific to New York’s boroughs. Encompassing both general accident statistics and targeted specifics, you’ll find valuable information on:

Why Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

The insurance system is a business, and auto insurance companies have only one mission: to maximize profit, while minimizing expenses. And while most accident victims seek the funds they need through traditional insurance companies, it’s not always the best option.

In many cases, insurance adjusters will actively downplay the appearance of a victim’s injuries, hoping to make quick, low settlement offers, rather than providing victims the support they truly require.

Why Choose Banville Law?

Banville Law has a mission, too, but it’s different. We seek to provide compassionate counsel, with an emphasis on easing your suffering. Very little in life is as difficult as recovering from a severe injury. We understand that. Instead of relying on the insurance system, which only wants to turn you into a paycheck, we offer a solution. In line with our personal commitment, the attorneys at Banville Law always work on a contingency-fee basis: you owe us nothing unless we win your case.

By working with our taxi cab accident attorneys you’ll turn our considerable resources toward the actual task at hand: determining who was responsible for your taxi accident, and holding them accountable. We consult your preferred medical professionals to determine the extent of your injury and likely prognoses. And with the assistance of industry-leading accident investigators, we’ll reconstruct the circumstances of your accident. Thorough examination allows us to seek maximum compensation.

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