This article on the history of Mount Vernon is brought to you by the Mount Vernon personal injury attorneys at Banville Law.

Mount Vernon is located in Westchester County, New York, north of the Bronx. With a population of more than 67,000 people, the city is the 8th most populous in the state of New York. This article provides a brief history of the city and surrounding area. 

Mount Vernon: A Colonial Settlement 

In 1664, a group of European settlers moved from Connecticut to Mount Vernon and established the first European settlement in the area. The land was cleared and farmlands grew, as did the population. 

street in Mt. Vernon New York that is near a personal injury law firmThis growth continued, even during difficult times like the Revolutionary War. During this war for independence, several important battles were fought in the area, as General George Washington fought the British for control over New York. Washington ultimately lost control of New York and it remained under British rule until the end of the war. 

In 1853, Mount Vernon was declared an official village and then in 1892, a city. In 1894, a referendum occurred in which residents voted on an important topic – whether or not to become part of the “City of Greater New York”. The vote in Mount Vernon was to stay independent. 

The city has gone on to flourish over the decades, surviving economic downturns during World War I, World War II, and The Great Depression. 

Mount Vernon, New York: The Present 

Today Mount Vernon is home to a diverse community. Mass transportation allows for easy access to NYC and other areas of the country. Residents can enjoy hundreds of places to visit and things to do and can enjoy fabulous meals at unique restaurants.