Untermyer Gardens

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In 1899, Samuel Untermyer purchased a piece of estate and transformed it into some of the most famous gardens and greenhouses in America known today. Throughout years, he expanded the gardens through properties that he owned while hiring well-admired architect Welles Bosworth to design the gardens in 1916.

Spread over 150 acres of land, the gardens were upheld by 60 gardeners and supplied by 60 greenhouses. In the 1920s, the landscape was opened to the public for special events over the next 20 years.

After the death of Untermyer, a portion of the garden was obtained by the City of Yonkers in 1946 and another section in the 1990s, bringing a total of 43 acres. The park is considered a valuable asset to the City of Yonkers and brings in thousands of tourists and residents yearly.

The Gardens 

There are six breathtaking gardens to discover while visiting the park, with each their own form of beauty to absorb.

Inspired by Indo-Persian design, the Walled Garden was intended to mimic a paradise on earth and is divided into quadrants separated by waterways and borders.

The Vista Garden was sculpted after the Villa D’Este In Italy, with its stunning descending stairway towards Lake Commo.

The Color Gardens occupies six single-color gardens with its own exquisite color schemes ranging from pink, red, white, yellow, and blue. Located at the bottoms of the gardens, you can find a delphinium garden.

Overlooking the Hudson River is where you’ll find The Temple of Love. This garden features beds of florals and rocks flowing through various waterfalls and ponds.

The Rock and Stream Garden is where you can find rough stone bridges and streams, leading down a path to rustic garden landscapes and seating.

Lastly, the Rhododendron Walk leads visitors from the Ruin Garden to other historic gardens above. In the Summer of 2019, a group of interns worked together to clear the land, and plan almost 100 rhododendrons, azaleas, and other perennials.

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