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Though boating may initially seem like a fun and careless endeavor, it takes skill and experience to maneuver watercrafts safely. If someone else's negligence caused a boating accident and left you or a loved one with injuries and other damages, you're probably asking yourself:

  • Am I entitled to compensation after a boating accident?
  • Who is responsible in a boating accident?
  • Do I have to hire an accident attorney to file a claim?

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The answers to these questions have very different answers depending on the details of a boat accident. To learn more about your legal options, contact us now for a free consultation. Your case evaluation is free, as are our services if we can't secure compensation on your behalf. No Win, No Fee.

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Compensation For Boat Accidents

Boating and personal watercraft accidents are complex claims. Personal injury resulting from such accidents can be just as complicated - and expensive.

If you're seeking compensation to help cover your expenses, hiring a team of experienced boat accident lawyers is often recommended.

It's not just about the medical bills or your lost wages, given that these types of damages can be easily quantified. Entire families experience the trauma, pain, and suffering of these accidents, whether they were present or not.

Victims deserve to be made whole again, or as close to it as is possible. Negligent parties should be held liable for their carelessness or others could be affected. And while compensation isn't all that's needed to bounce back from these accidents, it can provide critical support during the toughest times.

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Who Is Liable In A Boating Accident?

Compensation for damages from boating accidents is often paid out by insurance companies. This is because boat operators are generally required to purchase coverage by one entity or another.

However, if you're injured in a boating accident, it's crucial to determine exactly who was responsible before considering taking legal action.

There are a number of parties from who you may be entitled to sue for damages. These include:

  • The boat operator of another vessel
  • Boat operator of your own vessel
  • Manufacturer of the watercraft
  • Passengers
  • A rental company

Narrowing down who is responsible can be an intricate task. Laws can vary from state-to-state which is why you should rely on an accident lawyer who is familiar with the relevant regulations in your area.

Personal injury and accident lawyers are similar to doctors. They are specialized professionals dedicated to a specific part of their field.

For instance, a neurosurgeon wouldn't be the best at heart surgery. Similarly, a slip and fall attorney may not be effective with a jet ski lawsuit, nor would you only hire a property damage lawyer when personal injury was involved.

The boating accident lawyers at Banville Law know what makes a compelling case because they've been part of them before. And if you or a loved one were injured in a boating accident, they want to help you, too.

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Compensation After Jet Ski Boating Accident

Common Causes

The cause of a boat accident often paints a picture of who was responsible, yet the true cause may not always be clear. It's also true that there may be multiple causes that compounded and resulted in a single accident.

Here are some of the most common causes of boating accidents:


Boating and auto accidents are similar in that intoxication often plays a part in them. However, the effect in boats is much more pronounced, seeing as how the number one cause of boating accidents is intoxication.

Whether it's alcohol or other substances, an impaired boat operator is incredibly likely to cause an accident. Compound that with the fact that most boat accidents occur around dusk (when visibility is low) and you can see how an exciting day on the boat can turn deadly.


Inexperience is also a common thread among boating accidents.

As we alluded to earlier, many people think of boating as a leisurely activity. However, the operator of a boat or personal watercraft needs to remain alert at all times.

Whether it's looking out for fixed objects, keeping an eye on neighboring boats, or ensuring that all passengers are being safe, there's no doubt that attentive captains prevent accidents.

An inexperienced boat operator may not have enough hours under their belt to be able to juggle all of these tasks at once. For example, it's possible for them to be too occupied with driving the boat itself to remain alert about their surroundings; this has unquestionably led to many boat accidents in the past.

When inexperience is found to be the culprit, a business such as a rental company could be held responsible by a boating accident injury law firm. Inexperienced boaters pose a risk to others on the water, as well as to themselves, so if a rental company is allowing them to take such risk without verifying their maritime aptitude, they could be found negligent.

Inclement Weather

Weather can change rapidly while out on the water and, unlike with a vehicle, the occupants of a boat can't always get out of the rain. Poor weather conditions can decrease a boat driver's field of view, leading to a collision with another boat. It can also cause a driver to get lost, possibly leading them to run aground.

Boat Accident Injuries

In a majority of boat accidents, the occupants of the boat are thrown or ejected from the watercraft. As a result, the most prevalent boat accident personal injuries can be traced to this injury action.

Among the most frequent boat injuries are:

  • Lacerations
  • Bone fractures
  • Struck by prop
  • Back injuries
  • Skier & tubing accidents
  • Fires or explosions
  • PWC crashes
  • Falls overboard

Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

Personal floatation devices (PFDs) are a key factor when it comes to surviving a boat accident. Why is this? Well, one must first consider that drowning is the prevailing cause of death in boat crashes.

This is because boat accident victims may become incapacitated or unconscious upon impact. If they're flung from the boat, there is a high chance they will drown if there's no PFD to keep them above water.

How Can Boating Accident Attorneys Help?

Personal injury lawyers are the type of legal professional whom you'd usually entrust with an accident case. However, when it comes to personal injury that is related to a boat accident, it can prove wise to seek out an accident lawyer experienced in this subset of the law.

An experienced boating injury lawyer will be familiar with which types of compensation you're eligible for, who the potential negligent parties are, and how to go after them.

Unsure if you have a valid case? Call us today to schedule a free case review. It's best to act as soon as possible since statutes of limitation exist which could prevent you from fighting for the compensation you deserve.

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