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Injured Drivers Can Seek Justice After An Accident With New York Cab / Taxi

Although injury rates may be highest for taxi passengers, you don’t have to be sitting in the backseat of a cab to become the victim of taxi negligence.

Even a cursory look at the streets of New York City is enough to reveal the fundamental truth that danger lurks around every corner. Speeding drivers, crossing pedestrians, and cyclists: in many ways, the streets of our city resemble a minefield.

According to, New York City is served by over 10,000 licensed yellow taxi cabs. And despite the consistent efforts of NYC’s Taxi & Limousine Commission, numerous drivers of other vehicles are injured in taxi crashes every year.

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Drivers & Passengers Injured In New York City Taxi Accidents

In fact, an exhaustive study performed by Schaller Consulting in 2004 found that taxis injured 2,193 drivers and passengers in other vehicles. And while this number represented a significant decline from New York’s all-time high in 1999, Schaller attributed this decrease to a reduced number of livery vehicles.

The truth is that taxi accidents are still a significant cause of traffic collisions, both in New York and nationwide. You can find a copy of Schaller’s groundbreaking study here.

Schaller’s research went on to uncover the devastating effects of cab accidents. Thousands of drivers are accepted to emergency rooms every year, suffering from traumatic head injuries, broken bones, and internal bleeding. Follow the link to find more information on how our cab accident lawyers can assist you today.

Were You Injured In A Traffic Collision With A Taxi?

No numbers, no statistics, can adequately reflect a taxi accident’s devastating consequences on real, human lives. If you are suffering from severe injuries, you understand this all too well. Medical bills pile up and courses of treatment can last for years. You may be facing months away from work, to say nothing of your diminished ability to enjoy life.

Unfortunately, insurance claims involving taxi cab management companies are exceedingly complicated. Claims adjusters routinely attempt to minimize the appearance of victim’s damages, calling on their own doctors to diagnose less – severe injuries and recommend insufficient treatment options. These companies are businesses, plain and simple, and care little for the many ways that a serious collision can impact your life.

Accident victims often simply give up, out of no fault of their own, and settle for far less than they deserve.

Do I Need A Cab Accident Lawyer?

But you don’t have to. Many accidents are directly caused by negligence, on the part of a cab driver, their managing company, a vehicle owner, or even the taxi’s manufacturer. If your traffic collision was caused, totally or in part, by another’s negligent conduct, you can receive the maximum compensation by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

Contact An Taxi Accident Injury Attorney

The NYC taxi accident lawyers at Banville Law offer a solution. Instead of relying on the traditional insurance system for compensation, victims turn to our attorneys for effective legal guidance and an exhaustive understanding of New York’s taxi industry and the laws that surround it.

Now it’s your turn. Don’t let yourself become another number, another statistic on someone else’s spreadsheet. We want you to recover with peace of mind. Together, we can stand up to the taxi industry, cut through the red tape, and find justice.

The taxi accident attorneys at Banville Law offer their legal counsel on a contingency – fee basis, which means you pay nothing unless we win your case. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your accident with an experienced attorney.

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