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New York City Taxi Cab Accident Lawyer Resources

To help you prepare for your appointment, our attorneys have prepared several guides that seek to answer the most common questions new clients ask. Follow the links below to learn more about taxis, cab accidents in New York City, and the legal issues that affect taxi crash victims.

Cab Crash Guides & FAQs

What should you do every time you get in the backseat of a taxi? And after a crash, what steps will help you strengthen an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit? Find out in our “After An Accident” FAQ here.

What factors lead to more cab crashes than others? Are some harder to investigate than others? With a special emphasis on the legal definition of “negligence,” a concept that dominates most personal injury lawsuits, our “Common Causes Of Taxi Accidents” FAQ details the various forms of negligence that taxi drivers commit. You can find it here.

What injuries are cab accident victims most likely to suffer in a crash? Am I suffering from one right now? Find symptoms and treatment options in our “Injuries Sustained In Cab Accidents” guide here.