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Category: Medical Malpractice

Understanding Medical Malpractice in New York
What Is The Largest Military Hospital?
What Are The Major Military Hospitals?
Is Walter Reed One Of The Best Hospitals In The World?
Can Military Retirees Use Military Hospitals?
New Jersey Family Awarded $13 Million In Medical Malpractice Lawsuit
Misdiagnosed Ear Infection Leaves Child Paralyzed
C.R. Bard Slammed With $35 Million In Punitive Damages
Family Agrees To $3.5 Million Dollar Settlement In Medical Malpractice Case
Patient Wins $800,000 After Misdiagnosis
$6 Million Dollar Verdict Upheld By Superior Court
Jury Awards Mother $4 Million For The Death Of Her Newborn
Jury Awards $24 Million To Plaintiff Whose Lost Both Legs Due To Med Mal
Widow Awarded $6 Million After Doctor Failed To Recommend An MRI
$18 Million Awarded To Woman Who Was Misdiagnosed Twice
Parents Whose Daughter Died During Dental Surgery Settle For $2 Million
$62 Million Awarded In Medical Malpractice Case Involving Blood Thinners
Pharmacy Prescribes Wrong Dosage To Teenager
A Delayed Diagnosis Claims The Life Of A 51-Year-Old Man
Failure To Diagnose Mother's Medical Condition Causes Brain Damage In A Child
What Steps Do I take If I Was Harmed By A Medical Device?
Woman Files Lawsuit Against Doctors For Allegedly Removing Wrong Body Part
Parents Are Awarded $45.6 Million After Their Son Dies
$48 Million Awarded In Medical Malpractice Lawsuit
Want To Prove Medical Malpractice? 4 Things You'll Have To Show.
6 Serious Conditions Doctors Misdiagnose
Loss Of Consortium Damages Awarded In Medical Malpractice Case
Botox & Filler Side Effects That Can Be Experienced
Dangers Of IV Glucose Drips

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