Brooklyn has the largest population of any borough in New York City. With so many residents, it’s no wonder that Brooklyn is consistently home to numerous construction sites – projects building apartments, condos, and new homes on disused lots. In addition to housing, Brooklyn is experiencing a “business revolution”; older structures are being renovated to make way for young entrepreneurs.

Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyers

While the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has instituted numerous regulations, the construction industry remains America’s most dangerous. The lives of workers are constantly threatened by construction’s inherent dangers – and the negligence of others.

If you were injured on a construction site in Brooklyn, you probably expect to collect workers comp – money that will cover your medical expenses and lost wages. But New York State regularly denies workers’ claims, or attempts to minimize the amount to which you are entitled. Workers Compensation will be insufficient to cover many serious injuries.

Instead of wrestling with the insurance system, Brooklyn’s construction workers turn to the NYC personal injury lawyers at Banville Law. Our years of experience, and unwavering passion, allow us to pursue maximum compensation.

Common Types Of Accidents

In February of 2014, eight construction workers in Brooklyn were severely injured when the disused building in which they were working partially collapsed. The floor literally gave out beneath them, dropping them two stories through the house at 1916 Prospect Place. Numerous buildings in Brooklyn are structurally unsound, and weak construction can lead to devastating building collapse accidents.

Like any other American city, Brooklyn is home to the top three accidents that OSHA ranks as most common – and most fatal:

  • Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents account for 34.6% of all construction worker deaths on the job.
  • Struck By Falling Object Accidents make up 9.8%, and are particularly prevalent in Brooklyn, where scaffolding and cranes put workers on the ground in a dangerous situation.
  • Electrocutions cause 8.1% of all worker deaths on construction sites. Many electrocutions are the result of negligence, when homes and buildings are wired improperly.

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