For buildings to stand tall, they must be precisely designed. Construction is a complex equation that brings the talents of architects, engineers, material manufacturers, contractors, and subcontractors to bear. If one link in this chain fails, if one party neglects its duty to the others, tragic building collapse accidents may occur causing serious injury. The same requirements hold when buildings are demolished, renovated, or rebuilt.

An old building collapse in New YorkNew York City Building Collapse Accident Lawyers

Were you injured in a building collapse in New York City? After a serious accident, most construction workers turn to New York State’s Workers’ Compensation Board for necessary financial assistance. But Workers Comp is rarely a benevolent force. Employers in New York City purchase workers compensation insurance through private insurers. Like any other business, these insurance companies want only one thing: to protect their bottom line.

When Workers Comp fails, New York’s injured construction workers turn to the experienced construction accident lawyers at Banville Law.

The insurance system is not the only avenue for justice; in fact, many building collapses in NYC are caused by negligence. And when negligence is to blame, injured workers are entitled to file personal injury lawsuits.

Do I Need A Lawyer For My Injury?

Unlike a workers compensation claim, which limits the amount you can pursue, personal injury lawsuits allow injured workers to secure fair and adequate compensation. Beyond medical expenses and lost wages, a successful lawsuit can claim compensation for pain and suffering and other “non-economic damages.”

After reviewing your case, a New York City personal injury lawyer will walk you through your various legal options. If your accident claim is appropriate for a lawsuit, the construction accident attorneys at Banville Law will stop at nothing to protect your rights – and see that you are compensated for your injuries. Our lawyers always offer their services on a contingency-fee basis, so you owe us nothing unless we secure compensation in your case.

Who Is Liable For My Accident?

Errors that threaten the structural integrity of a building can occur at any point in the process of construction. Here are a few examples:

Both ethically and legally, engineers are tasked with predicting and optimizing the structural integrity of buildings they design. Determining the “structural integrity” of a proposed building is extremely complicated, and engineers must take material strength, load, and physical force into account. Properly calculated, a building should be able to stand tall throughout its actual construction and long into occupancy or use. But engineer negligence is often at the root of New York City building collapses, and resulting worker injuries.

Beyond engineers, independent contractors and subcontractors are bound to use the proper materials for the job. If architectural plans are not followed strictly, these companies take the lives of their workers in hand. If a cheap material is used where stronger stuff is required, structures fall under their own weight – severely injuring those below.

Our New York City construction accident lawyers have even handled cases in which materials themselves were sold with a known structural failure. Our attorneys have held several construction material producers liable for their devastating negligence and defective product liability, securing ample settlements for our clients.

Many building collapses in New York City are caused by improperly constructed foundations. In some cases, foundations were built over an improper soil type. In others, the fill material was not tamped properly. Under New York City’s building code, these factors must be investigated thoroughly and certified by structural engineers. And yet, many structures are brought to their knees from the bottom up, by structurally unsound foundations.

Demolition Of Buildings: A Common Cause Of Injury

The boroughs of New York all have buildings that are very old and in some cases derelict. The land on which they are standing is very valuable to investors and businesses. As a result, there are several demolition projects underway across the city.

A common cause of worker injury in collapsed building cases is during a demolition. We have seen cases where demolition was ongoing in an adjoining property, which led to the collapse of the building in which our client was working. Wrecking balls, excavators, and hydraulic equipment are often employed in the demolition of a building in New York.

Whether you are on the site of demolition, or working in close proximity to the demolition, injuries can occur and if they do, there is generally negligence involved.

Ceiling Collapse Accidents

Old, poorly-maintained buildings pose another significant hazard, which threatens repairmen and renovators as much as construction laborers: ceiling collapse.

In many older structures, environmental conditions, time and use serve to weaken ceilings, which can fall at a moment’s notice upon workers below. Often, a negligent property owner’s failure to properly maintain the premises is to blame.

Contact A Building Collapse Construction Attorney

After all is said and done, you’ve been left to deal with the aftermath. Our construction accident attorneys fully understand that building collapses can be personally devastating. Victims may face severe injuries, astronomical medical expenses, and emotional trauma. Some are even left permanently disabled, unable to work for the rest of their lives.

We want to help. Our lawyers have assisted New York’s injured construction workers for decades, and now it’s your turn. We have experience assisting workers from all counties and boroughs of the city. Contact us today for a free consultation, and begin regaining your peace of mind.

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