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NYC Construction Accident Lawyers - Construction Accidents Involving Falling Objects

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes the construction industry as one of America’s most dangerous work environments. And after years of thorough research, OSHA released its “Fatal Four,” a list of the most common hazards threatening workers’ lives on construction sites across the country.

Coming in at number 3, closely following injuries caused by falls and electrocution, are accidents involving falling objects. These accidents accounted for 8.1% of all worker injuries that necessitated hospitalization in 2014, and are what OSHA calls “struck-by” accidents. While the category of “struck-by” accidents includes those in which workers are hit by vehicles, the most prevalent type are falling object accidents.

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Falling Object Construction Accident Law Firm In NYC

New York City’s construction workers on the ground are put in harm’s way on a routine basis. Many are absorbed in their duties, unaware of the hazards that lie above their heads. While numerous safety interventions exist to minimize the damage caused by falling objects and flying debris, struck construction workers almost always face debilitating injuries. Beyond significant pain, these employees commonly require extensive medical treatment and face weeks, even months, away from the job site.

New York’s injured construction workers deserve legal guidance. You deserve years of experience and trusted solutions. You deserve knowledge and compassion. You deserve the construction accident lawyers at Banville Law.

Common Injuries Sustained When Struck By An Object

Were you injured by a falling object on a construction site in New York? Are you suffering from:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury?
  • Back, Neck, Or Spinal Cord Injuries?
  • Head Injuries?
  • Piercing Injuries?
  • Severe Cuts & Disfigurement?
  • Partial Or Total Blindness?

New York State’s Workers Compensation system prevents you from directly suing your employer for negligence. Instead, you are forced to rely on the insurance system for necessary compensation.

But there’s another way. A third party may have been to blame, and you can hold them accountable in a court of law. Independent contractors and subcontractors commonly perform the same duties as construction company employees. So who was responsible for your “struck-by” accident in New York?

An experienced personal injury lawyer can review the facts of your case and accurately determine negligent parties. By pursuing a lawsuit, you may be entitled to receive valuable compensation, covering medical expenses, lost wages, and even pain and suffering. But you won’t know until you take the first step.  You deserve justice, and we can help.

Trauma Prevention Methods

Most falling object accidents in New York City are the direct result of a lack of adequate safety equipment. OSHA requires employers to provide numerous interventions, including:

  • Hardhats
  • Goggles
  • Debris Nets
  • Face Shields

Were you properly equipped when your accident took place? Many accidents could have been prevented if tools and equipment had been handled properly if workers had been trained thoroughly. Were those around you trained to use their tools safely?

An exhaustive investigation is key to answering these questions. But in this trying time, you need to focus on your own recovery. Our dedicated NYC falling object accident legal time is committed to finding the answers. We’re committed to identifying the causes of your construction accident and holding negligent parties responsible.

Experienced New York City Falling Object Lawyers

When Workers Comp fails, New York City’s injured workers turn to Banville Law. Our decades of distinguished legal experience can put you on the winning side. We have represented clients from all counties and boroughs of the city, from Manhattan to Staten Island and have the experience and expertise you need to receive the compensation you deserve. Ready to seek justice? Contact the falling object accident lawyers at Banville Law today to schedule a free consultation.

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