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Infographic: 4 Ways Your Construction Job Can Kill You - And How The Construction Accident Lawyers Can Save You

Working in the construction industry is famously dangerous. In New York State, only 4% of the total workforce has anything to do with construction. But 19% of all work-related deaths occurred in the industry, and an even higher proportion was severely injured. Our ladder fall injury attorneys would like to provide some information needed to protect construction workers.

Identifying Risks To Protect Workers Involved In A Construction Accident Lawsuit

The federal government relies on two agencies, NIOSH and OSHA, to identify workplace dangers and ensure the safety of our country’s workers. These organizations have gone a long way to promote safer job sites, but the numbers clearly suggest that more effective strategies are necessary. New York State may be a model for the rest of the US. Our progressive construction laws sweep aside the restrictions of workers comp, protecting construction employees from negligent employers.

The personal injury lawyers at Banville Law are committed to protecting the rights of construction workers throughout New York State. We created this free infographic to help you learn more about the most common job site dangers, and how New York’s lawmakers are working to protect you.

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Infographic: 4 Ways Your Construction Job Can Kill You - And How The Law Can Save You
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How New York State Protects Injured Construction Workers

As we’ve seen, New York’s Labor Law Sections 240 and 241 lay a solid foundation of support under every construction worker in the state.

65% of all workers use scaffolding from day-to-day, climbing high to build, repair, paint, clean, and demolish structures from the Bronx to Staten Island. And while firm regulations serve to promote safety on-site, numerous workers are seriously injured in falls from elevation. Under New York State’s prevailing workers’ compensation programs, these injured workers would only be able to claim limited amounts for medical expenses and lost wages, leaving families broken and trying desperately to rebuild.

Supporting Workers Hurt In Ladder & Scaffold Accidents

But 240 and 241 don’t let that happen. Under New York Labor Laws, employers are held to a high standard when it comes to scaffolds, ropes, pulleys, blocks, hangers, irons, hoists, braces, and ladders. Because this equipment is dangerous when the proper precautions aren’t taken. You have a right to a safe workplace, and your employer is required to:

  1. maintain safe elevation structures
  2. provide precautions against falls

When they don’t, and workers are hurt, you have every right to hold your employer accountable. This robust legal system means your family can remain supported while you recover.

Other Common Work Site Dangers In NY

We also took a look at other dangers on the job site, including electrocution and building collapse. While workers comp protects employers from liability after these accidents, third-party negligence is a constant concern.

Electrocution accidents are often commonly caused by the carelessness of property owners, who fail to maintain “reasonably safe conditions.” A building’s collapse can be the fault of anyone from an engineer or architect to subcontractors who fail to select the proper building material.

Contact A Construction Accident Attorney

In any case, experienced legal counsel is a must. The construction accident lawyers at Banville Law fight for workers’ rights every day and our results speak for themselves. Learn more about our recent verdicts and settlements here.

Were you injured in a New York City construction accident? Contact our personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation. We’ll review your case within 24 hours, and let you know if we can help. Our attorneys work on a contingency-fee-basis: you owe nothing until we win your case.

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