Staten Island is often called “the forgotten borough” by residents and visitors. Far from New York City’s four other boroughs, Staten Island has been left largely undeveloped – at least in relation to Manhattan and Brooklyn. Serviced by only one train line, many of Staten Island’s residents feel that they are not living in New York City at all, but a world apart.

Staten Island Construction Accident Lawyers

With 13.9% of its land vacant, Staten Island is by far the least developed borough of New York City. But a recent surge of development has meant a rash of new construction projects. And while construction on Staten Island equals vital job opportunities for many of New York City’s workers, it may also spell disaster.

Common Staten Island Construction Accidents

New construction sites routinely see devastating crane accidents and scaffolding presents workers a host of dangerous hazards. Both require workers to occupy elevated positions, increasing the risk of severe injury. And workers on the ground are in particular danger of falling object, or struck-by, accidents. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) lists struck-by objects as one of its Construction Industry Fatal Four, accounting for 9.8% of all fatal construction injuries.

Heavy machinery always plays a necessary role in new construction, but tractors and bulldozers can also cause numerous life-threatening injuries, including head and brain trauma – both of which can leave a worker permanently disabled.

Due to its distance from New York City’s economic center, Manhattan, most new construction on Staten Island is being devoted to industrial and manufacturing plants. When completed, these factories will provide thousands of jobs for New York City’s workers. But work in warehouses and production facilities is far from safe. Where manufacturing is concerned, numerous workers in NYC have been severely injured in welding, brazing, and soldering accidents. Many welders must use pressurized gas cylinders of propane to power their equipment, which can explode for a number of reasons. Workers in warehouses must contend with dangerous forklifts. When operated by untrained employees, forklift accidents can have devastating effects.

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