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Construction Accident Lawyers In New York Cover Construction Accident Statistics

Every month, an average of 6,000 building applications are filed in New York City. That startling number includes both new construction and renovations. Every year, there are approximately 72,000 active construction sites in New York City. Spread across five boroughs, New York’s construction industry is booming.

But there’s another statistic that is not so encouraging. Each year, about 200 of New York City’s workers are seriously injured in accidents on the job site. While that number might not seem large if you are an injured construction worker you know how devastating a construction accident can be.

At Banville Law, our nail gun accident attorneys go over similar types of accidents in NYC.

Our Construction Accident Lawyers Serve:

Construction Accident Lawyers In New York City

The personal injury lawyers at Banville Law are dedicated to protecting the rights of New York’s workers. You gave your life to this industry, the most dangerous in America. And you deserve to be represented by experienced attorneys, ones who will stop at nothing to see you receive what you deserve.

Each of New York City’s five boroughs faces a unique construction environment, depending on its needs and function. Our construction accident attorneys have become familiar with the particular dangers facing construction workers in each of these areas.

Construction Accident Attorneys Serving Manhattan

As the booming economic heart of New York City, Manhattan seems continually “under construction.” Skyscrapers rise, and disused buildings fall to be replaced by apartments and office buildings. New York City’s workers are in almost constant danger of suffering construction accidents in Manhattan. At particular risk are those who work on or near scaffolding and cranes. Falling objects account for the majority of fatal construction accidents in NYC.

Construction Injury Lawyers Serving The Bronx

After years of economic depression, the Bronx’s buildings have fallen into disrepair. Now, a surge of investment has put the Bronx back onto New York’s map and renovation has become a priority in NYC’s northernmost borough. But with renovation and construction come new dangers for construction workers – including devastating construction accidents in the Bronx.

Construction Accident Lawyers Serving Queens

The borough of Queens is New York’s fastest-growing area – one currently experiencing a renaissance in housing and business ownership. New buildings are needed to house the flocks of young people moving to Queens, putting construction workers in high demand. But construction accidents in Queens are high, as well. In fact, the borough has seen a disproportionate amount of worker injuries over the last five years.

Construction Injury Attorneys Serving Brooklyn

After Manhattan, Brooklyn is New York’s most dangerous borough for construction workers. Recent development and expansion have created a wealth of jobs, but it’s also contributed to an unusually high amount of worker injuries. In 2012 alone, Brooklyn was the location of three fatal construction accidents and 28 severe injuries. For those injured in a construction accident in Brooklyn, contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer may be the best option.

Construction Accident Attorneys Serving Staten Island

Largely neglected by New York City’s government, Staten Island is home to numerous abandoned industrial plants and factories. Many of these buildings are structurally unsound, and construction workers are put into harm’s way every day. Were you hurt in a construction accident on Staten Island? If your injuries were caused by negligence, you may be entitled to valuable compensation.

NYC’s Construction Accident Lawyers

Hurt on the job in New York City? Contact the construction accident attorneys at Banville Law today for a free consultation. Our attorneys always work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you owe us nothing unless we win your case. You have nothing to lose. Call an experienced lawyer now.

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