Almost every construction site, manufacturing plant, and industrial factory in New York City relies on welding. Welders across New York City use complicated equipment to join materials, making high-rise buildings and consumer products possible. By its very nature, welding is extremely dangerous. It’s so dangerous that OSHA devoted an entire section to welding safety in their General Safety Regulations.

Most welders train for years before mastering their craft. But when training is inadequate, or proper safety precautions are not taken, welders and their fellow employees are presented with a unique host of hazards.

New York City Welding Accident Lawyers

Were you injured in a New York City welding accident? The unique combination of equipment, materials, and heat required to weld can result both in sudden, traumatic injuries and long-term chronic medical conditions. In both cases, injured construction workers deserve appropriate medical treatment and compensation for lost wages. But the Workers Compensation system can fail, letting injured workers fall through the cracks.

After suffering serious injuries, many construction workers turn to the dedicated New York City welding accident lawyers at Banville Law. Why? They want to recover with peace of mind, and they know that they deserve compensation. Our lawyers guide NYC’s workers through the legal process with compassion. We demand big results, just like you.

The decades of distinguished legal experience at Banville Law helps injured workers every day. Is it your turn?

Common Injuries

Arc welding, oxyfuel welding, and electric resistance welding rely on high heats and molten materials, necessary components of the welding process that can cause severe burns, electric shock, and the inhalation of poisonous fumes. Some welding techniques, like arc welding, even require workers be exposed to intense ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can cause burns, skin cancer, and decreased immune system response. Related practices, like brazing, soldering, and cutting, present similar hazards.

Welding, brazing, soldering, and cutting are undeniably the most dangerous construction occupations. Recent statistics released by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) show that more than “1 in every 250 construction workers will suffer fatal injuries” caused by welding. But most of these deaths aren’t caused by the serious burns that so commonly accompany welding, and with which the technique is so often associated. Welding-related fatalities are more frequently caused by the long-term inhalation of poisonous gases and exposure to extreme amounts of dangerous light.

Preventing Welding, Brazing, & Soldering Accidents

Because welding presents so many dangers to workers, OSHA has instituted a vast array of safety precautions.

  • Welders must work in “safely ventilated areas” to avoid the poisonous gases and fine particles created by melting materials at extremely high temperatures.
  • Proper safety equipment must be worn at all times, including safety goggles, shoes, full face shields, and heat-resistant gloves.
  • Only authorized, trained personnel should use welding, brazing, soldering, or cutting equipment.
  • Make sure that there is a fire extinguisher nearby. Many of the components commonly found on an arc welder, including electrode stubs and compressed gas cylinders, can cause explosions.

Contact An Attorney

Welding, brazing, soldering, and cutting are advanced skills that require years of training and practice to master. If you are a professional welder, it’s likely that you spent decades honing your craft, creating perfect joints that could stand up to any beating. That’s how we feel about construction accident law.

The experienced welding accident attorneys at Banville Law have devoted decades to refining the art of legal guidance. We bring a unique combination of knowledge, compassion, and aggressive representation to every client’s case. In the end, our attorneys regularly secure favorable verdicts and settlements – allowing injured workers to recover comfortably, on their own time.

If you were injured in a welding, cutting, brazing or soldering accident, our New York City personal injury lawyers want to help. We are licensed to practice law in the state of New York but focus mostly on the boroughs and counties of New York City, such as Long Island, and Westchester. Are you ready to seek justice? Contact the construction accident attorneys of Banville Law for a free consultation.

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