We’ve all seen them around New York, cyclists making their way through the streets, some taking caution to avoid causing any injuries to pedestrians and cab drivers. Cyclists are so plentiful on these streets just as much as the yellow taxi cabs are. Although cabs are a convenient mode of transport for New York City residents, cyclists have differing encounters and opinions about them.

Over the years, the streets of New York have seen a tremendous rise in the number of cyclist accidents involving cabs. It’s however, no surprise, because over the years, there has been an increasing number of cyclists with more than 10,000 cabs sharing the same, already crowded streets of New York.

Moreover, latest research statistics confirm our assumptions of rising cab-related accidents affecting cyclists on the streets of New York.

Statistics Of Cyclists Injured Due To Cab Related Accidents

riding a bike in NYCAccording to 2013’s NYPD crash data report posted by Streets Blog NYC, 4,277 people were injured in December following cyclist accidents with cab drivers. 25 people succumbed to death during the same incidents. Additionally, in the same year, ten cyclists were killed by cab drivers in NYC.

This year alone (2015), 6 cyclists died after getting hit by cab drivers. Such statistics raise questions for cyclists like, “how safe is cycling around the streets of New York?”

In August 2013, Fox News reported a heartbreaking accident caused by a cab driver who hit several people among them, a cyclist who was seriously struck and flew onto the car’s windshield. The cyclist claimed road-rage sparked the incident.

What Are Some Common Dangers NY Cyclists Face With Cab Drivers?

Accidents can occur anywhere and for many reasons. Unfortunately, there are some common causes of NYC cyclist accidents with taxis, including;

• Taxi cab drivers entering bike lanes, waiting for passengers or parking illegally on these lanes.

• Cab drivers failing to obey traffic signs and laws designed to help all motorists.

• Negligence, distraction or cab driver fatigue.

• Cab drivers turning into unsuspecting cyclists.

• Cyclists getting ‘doored’ by passengers exiting cabs.

All the incidents mentioned above may result in fatal road accidents with cyclists facing even more serious injuries.

Injured Cyclists Seeking Damages

For cyclists who are unfortunate victims of these accidents, there are serious challenges, particularly when dealing with insurance companies representing the cabs. Often, they’re known for being difficult especially while processing and paying claims regardless of who’s at fault. For this precise reason, NYC cyclists need aggressive attorneys as who will help them get their deserved compensation.

There have been New York laws put to govern how cab drivers pick and drop off passengers to avoid cyclists’ accidents. In the event that any of these laws is violated causing fatal accidents to cyclists, the cab driver will be held accountable and the cyclist entitled to monetary compensation.

Staying Safecycling map in NYC

As the popular saying goes, better safe than sorry. So, how can a cyclist stay safe on the road in order to reduce cab-related incidents?

• For starters, wear a helmet and reflective clothing every time.

• When making a turn, signal taxi drivers.

• Ensure that even if you’re listening to music on MP3 players, the volume isn’t hampering you from being aware of the surrounding environment.

Everyone Has To Do Their Part

With New York being a bike friendly city, it’s quite understandable if the number increases significantly. However, to ensure there are little or no cab-related accidents, cyclists need to take precautionary measures to avoid such fatal incidents that are terrible contributors to the rising number of deaths. For the busy NYC Street to accommodate both cyclists and cab drivers, both should play their part well.