New York City is a great place to raise kids, as there are nearly limitless opportunities for educational and cultural experiences. As one of the most diverse cities in the world, we think it’s important to make sure you expose your kids to new ideas and cultures while living here. Our New York City personal injury lawyers love spending our days off with our families, bringing our kids to the variety of cultural sites and activities designed just for them. Some of our favorites on the Upper West Side include:

Children’s Museum of Manhattan

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is a great place to take your young children if you’re looking for an educational experience. This museum is probably best suited for kids 6 and under, while older kids may be able to enjoy some of the larger museums in the area, like the Museum of National History. However, there are plenty of exhibits, interactive experiences, and play areas for young children to enjoy here.

Some of the current exhibits include:

  • Let’s Dance! – In this dance space, kids can learn about how dance functions as an art form, a cultural expression, and a form of exercise.
  • Hello From Japan! – In this new interactive exhibit, kids can learn all about Japan’s diverse and vibrant culture through artwork, a manga studio, and a hands-on origami workshop.
  • Adventures With Dora and Diego – This Dora the Explorer exhibit is a treat for any kid who’s a fan of the show.

Little Shop of Crafts

If your kids have a creative streak, Little Shop of Crafts offers art classes that parents and kids can enjoy together. You pick your own craft and have a choice of pottery, plastercraft, mosaics, woodcraft, frames, t-shirts, and more. You then have the choice of a wide range of decorative supplies, including various paint colors, stencils, pencils, stamps, and carbon papers. Then you’re taught how to put them all together to create your own unique piece of artwork.

Elliott’s Classes

Elliot’s Classes specializes in children’s movement classes which are designed to help build emotional, social, and physical skills. This is a great place to help supplement your child’s development outside of school.

Programs include:

  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Art & Storytime
  • Music
  • Trampoline Skills
  • Playing, Learning, Growing Camp

My Gym

My Gym is an exercise space dedicated to children’s fitness. Programs are designed for kids between 6 weeks and 10 years of age and aim to help them develop physically, cognitively, and emotionally.

Programs at My Gym include:

  • Little Bundles (6 weeks-6 months)
  • Tiny Tykes (7-13 months)
  • Waddlers (14-22 months)
  • Gymsters (23 months-2.5 years)
  • Preschool Prep (2-5 years)
  • Art Explorers (3-8 years)
  • Terrific Tots (2.5-3.25 years)
  • Pre-Ballet (3-4.5 years)
  • Mighty Mites (3.25-4.5 years)
  • Mini Kickers (3.5-5 years)
  • Zumba Kids Jr (4-6 years)
  • All Star Sports (4-7 years)
  • Hip Hop (4-8 years)
  • Jr. Kickers (4-6 years)
  • Ballet/Jazz Combo (4.5-8 years)
  • Whiz Kids (4.5-6 years)
  • Champions (6-8 years)
  • Cardio Kids (7-10 years)
  • Zumba Kids (7-11 years)
  • Kickers (7 and up)
  • Ninja Training (4-10 years)
  • Practice & Play (All Ages)
  • Siblings (All Ages)

Kidville Upper West Side

Kidville is another space offering gym, art, dance, and music classes for kids. They also host some extremely fun birthday parties.

Class categories here include:

  • Art and Science
  • Dance
  • Enrichment
  • Gym
  • Music
  • Pre-School Alternative
  • Camp
  • Club Kidville