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A Historic Look at Rye Brook, NY

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The personal injury lawyers in Rye Brook, NY, present a detailed excerpt about the neighborhood.

Rye Brook is a village within Westchester County in New York. The village spans 3.45 square miles and hosts an approximate population of 9,347 with a population density of 2,777.42 per square mile. The scenic village has been designated as a USA Tree City for fourteen years.


The story of Rye Brook began in 1640 when the first colonists settled and bought land from Native American inhabitants. The first settlers were from Greenwich, Connecticut. In 1640, they negotiated a treaty with Shenarockwell, a Mohican chief, for all the land along Long Island Sound between the Mamaroneck and Byram Rivers.

The name Rye Brook comes from the settlers' former hometown, Rye, in Sussex, England.

Rye Brook shares its eastern border with Greenwich, Connecticut, and was an incorporated section of the town of Rye until its July 7, 1982. At the time, 150 residents of the area proposed establishing the village and organized a petition that contained 1,536 signatures. The residents were so determined that the Independent Civic Association organized a petition drive to get the village incorporated. The New York Times reported that residents of the area wanted to redefine their community and have the ability to elect their own officials.

Upon Rye Brook's incorporation, it became the first village created in New York in 54 years. Rye Brook residents were ecstatic and had their first election later that year. The first election was held to elect a mayor and four trustees. The first village official was Lee Russillo, sworn in as Rye Brook's first Village Clerk.

The village has since been able to establish its reputation and Rye Brook resident continue to enjoy the shared facilities of the Town of Rye, such as Crawford Park, Rye Town Park, and Oakland beach. Mayor Paul S. Rosenburg currently governs the village.

Historically Significant Landmarks

The village of Rye Brook is a charming area with architecturally distinct features. The area has held great history, which can be reflected in some of the village's notable landmarks including,

The William E. Ward House

  • Known locally as Ward's Castle, the home is a reinforced concrete structure located on Magnolia Drive. The home was built in the 1870s by William Ward, a mechanical engineer, and designed by architect Robert Mook. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

National Cartoon Museum

  • The National Cartoon Museum opened in 1974 and was dedicated to the collection, preservation, and exhibition of cartoons, comic strips, and animation. The museum was actually held in the same building as Ward's Castle and was created by Mort Walker, an American comic strip writer, and creator of Beetle Bailey. The museum dissolved in 2002, but In June 2008, Mort Walker's collection was merged with the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, affiliated with Ohio State University.

The building known as the William E. Ward House and the National Cartoon Museum still stands today.

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Date Published: May 31, 2021
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