Slip and fall accidents are incredibly common; studies estimate that around 25,000 people fall every day. And while many of these accidents occur at home, employees and shoppers are at considerable risk in workplaces and retail establishments. Slip, trip, and fall accidents don’t help anyone: victims are injured and accidents put considerable strain on our economy. So how can you avoid a fall? The attorneys at Banville Law created this free infographic to give you the numbers, effects, and effective prevention techniques.

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Now that you know the facts about slip and fall accidents, it’s time to reduce your own risk! Follow our simple instructions to protect yourself and your loved ones. But what if you’ve already suffered a fall?

NYC Slip & Fall Lawyers: Protecting Common Interests

Did you slip, trip, and fall in New York City? If your accident took place on someone else’s property, you may have a legitimate claim to compensation. A personal injury lawyer with experience in slip and fall cases can help you understand your rights, and decide whether pursuing compensation is the best choice in your situation.

Under New York’s premises liability laws, business owners have a duty to protect their customers. And the owners of real estate property have a similar duty to protect residents and visitors. Part of this duty involves addressing potential hazards before someone else gets hurt. It’s simple: spills have to be mopped up, stairways should be maintained, and ice must be removed from the sidewalk. Learn more here.

If property owners fail to uphold their duty, New Yorkers get hurt. Without adequate compensation, the victims of a property owner’s negligence are left footing the bill, for medical expenses, lost wages, and their pain. And property owners have no incentive to promote safe conditions in their businesses, apartment buildings, and offices. As a result, more New Yorkers are injured, and the cycle repeats itself.

Contact A New York City Slip & FallĀ Attorney

New York’s slip and fall attorneys are dedicated to solving this problem. In a personal injury lawsuit, you can secure valuable compensation to cover your damages. And legal action provides a powerful disincentive to property owners, who will be less likely to neglect dangerous conditions after a lawsuit. When you look at it, filing a personal injury lawsuit isn’t just good for victims, it’s good for the community, too.

Contact the slip and fall lawyers at Banville Law today for a free consultation. We’ll explain your situation and legal options in clear, every-day language and help you make the best choice for your future. Our lawyers work on a contingency-fee basis: you owe nothing until we win your case. Call (917) 551-6690 or complete our contact form here.