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Maritime Lawyers in New York Assist Injured Workers

Employees in the marine field in New York work on a wide range of projects. Every year, these same workers experience a wide range of injuries. What does not change is that if a marine accident causes a worker's disability or death, then the victim or the family can pursue compensation on behalf of the victim. 

Maritime Law Firm In New York

For a no-cost consultation, contact Banville Law today. Our personal injury law office helps injured victims of slip and falls, medical malpractice, boating accidents and so much more. Our legal team can assist you with every aspect of your maritime accident case, so get started today by filing out the contact form or giving our law office a call.

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Do I Need A Maritime Attorney?

It's not necessarily a requirement for injured victims of maritime accidents to hire an injury law firm, though it is definitely recommended. Receiving help filing a claim, provides you with the best chance of getting the highest compensation available for your claim. 

Maritime accident injury claims are usually paid by insurance companies. This is similar to the insurance firms that are responsible for paying for automobile repairs after a traffic accident. Maritime injury insurance companies, like car insurers, will use a variety of strategies to decrease the amount of compensation they must payout on any given claim. While such strategies may save the corporation money, they can be detrimental to accident victims trying to receive assistance. 

Compensation from a Jones Act or LHWCA claim often isn't enough to help victims get back on their feet, much alone cover all of their medical bills or lost wages due to physical disabilities.

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Eligible Maritime Workers For Workers' Compensation In NY

The Jones Act, commonly known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, protects marine employees in a variety of ways. It allows seafarers to sue their employers for injuries sustained at sea as a consequence of the carelessness of other members of the crew, the captain, or the ship's owner. It permits sailors who have been harmed to seek compensation for their medical bills, loss of income, and other costs.

The following marine employees, among others, are eligible for LHWCA benefits, according to the US Department of Labor:

  • shipbuilders
  • harbor construction workers
  • ship-repairers
  • longshore workers
  • ship-breakers

Contact a maritime accident lawyer who specializes in offshore injury claims to learn more about the forms of compensation available and which statutes protect your rights following a marine accident.

Types Of Maritime Injuries 

Sailors are routinely exposed to a variety of dangers. For example, they are frequently obliged to work long hours in inclement weather, which might result in physical injuries.

Maritime employees may also be subject to incidents involving heavy machinery, slick decks, sharp items, and other trade instruments, which can result in significant bodily harm or death. Maritime disasters can also be caused by the purposeful acts of a vessel captain or another crew member. Other types of injury-causing accidents include: 

  • collision with another ship
  • sinking vessel
  • explosions
  • fires aboard the ship
  • capsizing
  • and more

Free Consultations For Maritime Accident Victims In New York

Are you wondering if you qualify for compensation as a marine worker who has been injured? For a free consultation, contact our workers' compensation law firm today. We are ready to get you the answers you deserve and help you on your path to recovery.

Our experienced team of lawyers can assess your accident and injury scenario, then walk you through the compensation procedure step by step. We will only work with potential clients on a contingency basis if you wanted to continue with our services. Meaning that you will not owe us anything if we are unable to receive compensation on your behalf.

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