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Midtown Manhattan: The Home Of New York's Landmarks

Midtown Manhattan is recognized as one of the biggest central business districts in America. It is located in the area between 30th Street to 59th Street on the west side of 5th Avenue in Manhattan. It is quite a popular destination for tourists because of the iconic buildings situated in the area. Continue reading to learn more from our Midtown personal injury attorneys.

Is It Midtown West Or Midtown Manhattan?

Is it Midtown Manhattan or Midtown West? This is a good question, but one that is not so easy to answer. Midtown Manhattan's border is ambiguous, add in the fact that people refer to it as "Midtown" and things get even more confusing because Midtown Manhattan is also used to refer to a district or a group of neighborhoods as well as districts in Manhattan.

Some of the areas that seem to be part of this amalgamation of Midtown West or Midtown Manhattan are:

At this rate, it is probably safe to go with both definitions and geographical designations of Midtown Manhattan and Midtown West to avoid further confusion.

5 Midtown Landmarks

A lot of the major attractions that people associate New York with, like the New Eve's ball drop in Times Square, Empire State Building and more are all located in Midtown. Here are some of the most iconic landmarks in the area.

1. Empire State Building

Empire State Building is one of the most recognizable skyscrapers and has been standing tall since 1931. It is located on 350 Five Avenue and stands as a colorful symbol of various things and events happening around the world at the time through its lights that are lit up every night in various colors that mark different events including holidays. Recently the building was lit up with red, white and blue lights standing in solidarity with France in the wake of the tragic terrorist attacks. Empire State Building has also been canonized in movies like King Kong and An Affair to Remember.

2. Times Square

You cannot miss Times Square in this area, and it serves as a must-see for every tourist who has seen billboards and lit up strip in movies, music videos, and ad campaigns. Located on W. 40th to W.53rd Streets or between Sixth and Eighth Avenues, it is filled with neon lights, billboards and the best Broadway theaters and television studios, Time Square is considered the heart of Midtown. This is also the area where you can watch the iconic annual New Year's Eve Ball Drop. If you are planning to watch the ball drop this year visit for 2016 details.

3. Madison Square Garden

Situated on 2 Penn Plaza, Madison Square Garden is home to the Knicks, Rangers, and Liberty. It is not just known for its sporting events but has been the area that hosts multitudes of high profile special events, music concerts, comedy festivals, even The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, you name it and you are bound to find something you can attend at Madison Square Garden. If you want to just catch a glimpse of the area, you can go on a tour of Madison Square Garden.

4. New York Public Library

Outside the main branch of the New York Public Library, you'll be greeted by two majestic lions that have been the Library's mascots for nearly a century. Nearly 53 million books can be found in this library making it the second biggest library, after the Library of Congress, in America. The library came together in the 19th century. To date, there are special events that are held there like celebrity book readings, art exhibitions, and educational seminars. When you visit the New York Public Library, you get a two for one as well with Bryant Park right behind the library. Bryant Park is also a popular park in Midtown that has free outdoor movies, reading, yoga in the park, holiday markets and is a great lunch spot for the multitudes of office workers located around the park.

5. Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is a 22-acre complex filled with stores, commercial offices and open space. You are bound to have seen or heard the reference of Rockefeller Center in shows like 30 Rock or seen a glimpse of it during NBC's Today Show. You can see New York from 70 stories at the Top of the Rock Observation Deck or you can hop on board for an NBC Studio Tour in the GE Building and go behind the scenes of some of your favorite shows. Here are the details of the NBC Studios Tour. Rockefeller Center is also famous for its annual Christmas tree lighting and sunken-ice skating rink which makes it a perfect holiday spot for family and friends.

Which Transportation Will Get You There?

Being such a busy area there is the Pennsylvania Station and Grand Central Terminal that are major stations located in the area, providing numerous options to get in and out of Midtown. There is also the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Resources In Case Of Emergencies

There is a lot of constant activity in this location, therefore, in case something happens to you here are the police and hospital numbers you should keep in case of emergencies.

Midtown North Precinct

306 West 54th Street, New York, NY, 10019-5102
(212) 767-8400

New York Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center

630 West 168th Street

New York, NY 10032

(212) 305-2500

If you'd like to learn more about neighborhoods in NYC, visit:

Laurence P. Banville
Date Published: November 26, 2015
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