Many elders around the globe are being physically or mentally abused; sometimes at the care centers they are living in and sometimes being abused by loved ones, including their own family. As elders begn to age, they may not see, hear or think as plainly as they used to. This can make them vulnerable and exploiters are given opportunities to abuse them. In the U.S. alone, millions of elder abuse and neglect cases are reported annually, however, a lot more go unreported.

Elder abuse and neglect tends to occur where the senior resides; regularly in the home where abusers are frequently adult children, other relatives, grandchildren, or life partners. It can also happen in care facilities.elderly lady who is being abused

Physical & Emotional Abuse

The most common type of elder abuse is physical, where the victim is physically assaulted to the extent that it may result in physical impairment or injury. Similarly, emotional abuse is done by humiliating through yelling and threatening an elderly consistently. It may also include ignoring them or isolating them.

Sexual & Neglect Abuse

The elderly, like anyone else, can be sexually assaulted and this happens more frequently than anyone would care to admit. It is difficult for anyone to admit they have been the victim of sexual assault so it’s hardly surprising that the elderly don’t often come forward. 

Financial Abuse

This abuse happens when all the financial assets of an elderly are used without their permission. This abuse involves misuse of elderly’s checks, credit cards, forged signatures, withdrawal of cash and personal checks.

Healthcare Scam and Abuse

This assault is done by some of the black sheep of the health care sector which includes insurance fraud, overcharging, and not providing sufficient care but charging for it.

It’s important to be aware of the common signs that abuse may be occurring. Weight loss, sudden bruises or cuts, lack of self-care, and changes in mood are just a few examples.  If you suspect that elder abuse is happening to someone you love, the first thing you should do is contact an experienced attorney who can review the case and begin the steps towards protecting them.