The end of October saw several pedestrian and motorcycle accidents as reported by Banville Law in this week’s accident report.


Oneotona, NY: Man Dies While Crossing A Street

A 76 year old man died after he was hit by a car while crossing a street in upstate New York. Police say the man,
Daniel Heath, fell and hit his head.

He was transported to Bassett Medical Center Cooperstown, where he later died.

The driver of the car that hit Mr. Heath, did not see him until the very last minute due to the rain and other traffic. However, police gave the driver a ticket for not giving right of way to a pedestrian.

Sayville, NY: Wrong Way Crash On Montauk Highway

A 23 year old man died in a wrong way crash, Wednesday 28 October, on Long Island.

Christian Hernandez from Patchogue, was driving west on Montauk Highway on Wednesday night and ended up crossing into the eastbound lanes where he hit another vehicle in Sayville.

Hernandez was transported to Bay Shore’s Southside Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Shirley, NY: 57 Year Old Dies After His Vehicle Hits A Tree

A 57 year old man from Shirley died on Wednesday October, 28. The driver, identified as Edward Korianski is believed to have lost control of his car on Long Island and ended up hitting a tree.

Police state that the driver was pronounced dead at the hospital he was taken to.

Newburgh, NY: Pedestrian Struck Crossing An Upstate NY Highway

A 73 year old woman was tragically killed while trying to cross Route 32 north of Mill Street.

The woman, Deotha McNair of Walden, was hit by a car heading south. Police report that it was dark at the time McNair was hit and there was very little time to stop before the driver hit McNair. The 21 year old driver was not hurt and is not facing any charges.

Deotha was pronounced dead at the accident scene. Town Police detectives are investigating how McNair ended up walking along the highway which was many miles away from her residence.

Police said they had received reports of McNair when she was spotted at another location in Plattekill, before she was struck and killed. Several motorists had already made calls after they had seen her on the road and ended up driving around her.

Northport, NY: Motorcycle Passenger Dies In SUV Collision

On Sunday October, 25, a woman who as a passenger on a motorcycle, was killed when the motorcycle was hit by a sport utility vehicle (SUV).

57 year old Martha Garcia from Floral Park, got knocked off the motorcycle when the SUV driver tried to make a left turn into her driveway in Northport.

Although, the SUV driver of Northport and the motorcycle driver were treated for non-life threatening injuries, Garcia was pronounced dead at Huntington Hospital.

Hauppauge, NY: 11 Year Old Girl Injured After SUV Accident

An 11 year old girl was transported to Stony Brook University in serious condition.

The young girl was dislodged out of her mother’s SUV after she crashed head-on into a fire department chief’s vehicle. The girl’s mother, Iris Hernandez, told the police she lost control of her SUV leading her to spin into oncoming traffic.

Other passengers in the car were Iris’s 29 year old sister and 9 year old son. All of them were treated for non-life threatening injuries, including the fire department vehicle driver.

The accident took place on October 25th.

Port Jefferson Station, NY: Motorcyclist Killed After Failed Turn Attempt

Sunday night, October 25, motorcyclist Christopher Danielsen, was killed following a failed attempt to turn on Long Island.

Authorities state the accident happened on Jefferson Avenue in Port Jefferson Station. The motorcycle veered off the road and crashed into several parked cars. The 36 year old motorcyclist driver was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.