For nearly 90 years, New York’s Museum of Modern Art has been at the forefront of the modern art world. This iconic and influential museum houses a collection of approximately 300,000 books and exhibition catalogs, over 1,000 periodical titles, and over 40,000 files of various ephemera about artists and groups. With a rotating exhibition collection of art projects from various mediums and parts of the world, there is always an interesting experience awaiting at MoMA. Our New York City personal injury lawyers love visiting here when we’re looking to take in some culture. Some current exhibits on display here include:

Adrian Piper: A Synthesis of Institutions, 1965-2016

This exhibition features over 290 works, including drawings, paintings, photographs, multimedia installations, videos, and performances which explore the idea of conceptual art. Since the 1960s, Adrian Piper has been exploring how the concepts behind works of art can be more important than the physical object. Additionally, her work asks questions about the social structures that shape our environments. This exhibition has been four years in the making and is the collaborative effort of Piper, The Museum of Modern Art, and The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.

Being: New Photography 2018

MoMA holds their New Photography exhibition series every two years. This year’s edition is titled Being and explores how photography can show what it means to be human. The exhibition asks how individuals are depicted through various photographic conventions, including masking, cropping, and fragmenting. The 2018 exhibition combines works from 17 artists from all over the world, at different times in their careers. All of these artists are presenting their work at MoMA for the first time.

Artists included in Being include:

  • Sofia Borges (Brazilian, born 1984)
  • Matthew Connors (American, born 1976)
  • Sam Contis (American, born 1982)
  • Shilpa Guta (Indian, born 1976)
  • Adelita Husni-Bey (Italian, born 1985)
  • Yazan Khalili (Palestinian, born in Syria, 1981)
  • Harold Mendez (American, born 1977)
  • Aïda Muluneh (Ethiopian, born 1974)
  • Hương Ngô and Hồng-Ân Trương (American, born Hong Kong, 1979; American, born 1976)
  • B. Ingrid Olson (American, born 1987)
  • Joanna Piotrowska (Polish, born 1985)
  • Em Rooney (American, born 1983)
  • Paul Mpagi Sepuya (American, born 1982)
  • Andrzej Steinbach (German, born Poland, 1983)
  • Stephanie Syjuco (American, born Phillippines, 1974)
  • Carmen Winant (American, born 1983)

Tarsila do Amaral: Inventing Modern Art In Brazil

Tarsila do Amaral was born in São Paulo in the late 19th century, and by the 1920s, she had become one of Brazil’s most famous artists. Her work is mostly in a Cubism style and depicts colorful landscapes as well as scenes of everyday life. Tarsila is an artistic giant in her homeland, but this exhibition is the first in the United States which is exclusively dedicated to her work. Over 100 paintings, drawings, sketchbooks, photographs, and historical documents are on display here – drawn from collections from Latin America, Europe, and the United States.