Of all the nursing home abuse and neglect cases we’ve encountered in NY state, the most tragic have involved physical or sexual abuse. There is absolutely no justification possible for these sickening acts.

Often the abused patient isn’t able to speak up about their abuse. Knowing the signs of abuse may help identify a situation that needs to be changed:

  • Unexplained injuries, including cuts, bruises, and broken bones
  • Loss or gain of weight
  • Visible distress or changes in behavior when a caregiver or staff member appears
  • Black eyes
  • New emergence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • New difficulty sitting or walking
  • Pelvic injury
  • Bruises on inner thighs or around the genital area
  • Anal or genital pain, bleeding, or irritation
  • Bloody, torn, or stained undergarments
  • Extreme agitation
  • A staff member’s refusal to allow a loved one private visitors

How Does Physical and Sexual Abuse in a Nursing Home Happen?

Physical and sexual abuse in nursing homes is known to be under-reported. We know the following scenarios increase the risk of nursing home physical and sexual abuse:

  • Facilities with a high percentage of residents suffering from dementia and a low staff ratio.
  • If a nursing home is understaffed, there is a chance that a resident may be abused by another resident, or even a complete stranger, due to inadequate supervision
  • A nursing home resident may have a medical condition that makes communication difficult, making them an ideal victim for potential abusers.
  • Often, a nursing home resident is completely dependent upon a caregiver for necessities such as food, water, or medicine. If a caregiver is responsible for a resident’s abuse, they may be able to force a victim into remaining silent by threatening to no longer provide him or her with those necessities.
  • Staff may be inadequately trained to care for nursing home residents.

Contact A New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If a loved one exhibits any of the above signs of abuse, contact a New York elder abuse lawyer immediately. An attorney experienced in elder law and these types of situations can provide valuable guidance on how to proceed, which may involve a nursing home abuse lawsuit.

The attorneys at Banville Law have worked to protect victims from physical or sexual abuse for years. We understand the trauma a situation like this can cause. It’s very important however to act quickly to stop the abuse and to preserve and document the evidence of abuse.

We urge you to report any suspected abuse right away. If you are suspicious that a loved one has been a victim, contact us.

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