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Queens Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

Queens is one of New York’s strongest and most diversified communities. It’s home to to 2.3 million residents representing the most ethnically diverse urban population in the world. There are 59 elderly care facilities to accommodate its large elderly population. Unfortunately, not all of the elder care and nursing home facilities live up to the standards of this otherwise proud community.

Substandard Elderly Care Facilities In Queens

Few would argue that the elderly require specialized care to maintain their quality of life. But there are wildly varied standards of care among the nursing home facilities in Queens. Some are so inferior that they’re dangerous to the lives and well-being of their residents. The Queens nursing homes with the lowest ratings follow:

  • Bridge View Nursing Home Inc. (1 star)
  • Bishop Charles Maclean Episcop (1 star)
  • Meadow Park Rehab Health Center LLC (1 star)
  • Silvercrest Ecf (1 star)
  • Waterview Nursing Home (1 star)

Understaffing, poorly trained personnel and inadequate safety procedures are responsible for most cases of harm done in a nursing home. These inferior conditions can lead to horrific results for people who may already be weakened by preexisting conditions. Sometimes only an experienced investigator or attorney can tell the difference between harm done by a worsening medical condition and the effects of neglect or abuse.

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Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse In Queens

Neglect – Neglect in a nursing home is when there is a failure to prevent harm. Bed sores is an example of neglect, because your loved one wasn’t turned with sufficient frequency to prevent the painful skin ulcers from forming. Neglect can be physiological, psychological, medical or educational.

Abuse – Abuse is when a loved one is deliberately mistreated. The mistreatment can be verbal, physical, financial, sexual or spiritual. Patients with disabilities or dementia are the most likely people of all to be abused by their caretakers.

Negligence – Nursing home negligence is when either or both neglect and abuse have occurred. This kind of foul treatment can lead to additional harm to your loved one such as extended pain and suffering.

The following symptoms of neglect and abuse are commonly found:

  • unexplained cuts and bruises
  • infections and sepsis
  • bed sores
  • wrongful injuries or death

It’s important to act quickly when these or other symptoms of neglect, abuse or negligence are first uncovered.

Queens Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

Time is of the essence for nursing home negligence cases, because crucial evidence can be lost or destroyed. Don’t let that happen to you or your loved one.The attorneys of Banville Law have represented many elderly victims in Queens for the inferior care of their caretakers. We’ll preserve the evidence and separate it from normal symptoms of aging that many defendants claim. Most importantly of all to us, we’ll get you and your loved one the justice and remedy you need to get back to normal.

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