New York City is full of enriching spaces where your children can learn, grow, and develop skills that will prove useful later in life. The Art Farm NYC is one of our favorite places to bring our little ones when we’re looking to introduce them to new and rewarding experiences. This children’s educational center offers a variety of classes in fields like art, music, cooking, and more. It also makes a fantastic location for a fun and unique birthday party. Our New York City personal injury lawyers highly recommend taking a trip to the Art Farm with your child for the following reasons:

Rock, Smocks, and Animals

This seasonal program holds sessions every winter, spring, summer, and fall. Your child’s class will learn all about different types of animals through music, dancing, games, toys, and more. Additionally, the program brings in animal visitors so that your child can get a hands-on experience with them. Every other week, there’s a craft time where the kids use paint, glue, feathers, sand, and other supplies to create their own pieces of animal artwork. This program also features a petting zoo.

Farm Friends

This class runs for an hour and a half each session and also runs during the winter, spring, summer, and fall. This is a pre-school prep class designed for adults and children to participate in together. The program begins in the main classroom and offers many play options for the kids, including play dough, puzzles, creative play with a kid’s kitchen, trains, sensory activities, and more. Next, there’s a music circle where everyone sings songs together and meets new friends. This is followed by a healthy organic snack and a story. Finally, the class makes an art project before visiting the petting zoo where the kids will meet a new animal every week and have free time in the zoo.

Art for Busy Kids

This is a weekly program, held every Wednesday with two available sessions – one from 9:30 am – 10:30 am and another from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm. The day begins with open art time where participants can explore painting with different materials and objects on a large piece of paper with their fellow classmates. This includes painting with bubble wrap, dragging toy cars through paint, and other unique and creative painting processes. Next, there is a story time designed to boost creativity. Each week, the class works together to create a collaborative masterpiece using various art materials. Pieces are often based on storybook characters, the alphabet, and the world around us. Like other classes at the Art Farm, the day ends with a visit to the petting zoo.