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Pelham, New York's Artistic History

The worker's compensation lawyers in Pelham, NY at Banville Law have sponsored the following feature on the area.

Pelham, NY

The Pelham community is located 14 miles from Midtown Manhattan, NY. The area is broken down into two communities, the Villages of Pelham and Pelham Manor, and take up 1420.8-acres.


Known as Westchester County's oldest town, Pelham was purchased by Thomas Pell in 1654 from the Siwanoy Indians. Born in Sussex, England, Thomas Pell would become known as the 1st Lord of Pelham Manor. Pell initially lived in Connecticut after moving to America in 1654. The town was named after Pelham Burton, Pell's tutor back in England. The present-day Pelham was incorporated in 1889. However, the two subsections would follow in 1891 for the Village of Pelham and 1896 for Pelman Manor.


The neighborhood of Pelham is home to many artists. The Pelham Art Center on 5th Avenue displays local artist's work along with national and international artists. Additionally, The Art of Lax, located off of Sparks Avenue, showcases local artist Vincent Ricasio.

Historic architecture can be found throughout the neighborhood. Two prominent landmarks are St. Catherine's Catholic Church and the Pelham Picture House. St. Catherine's Catholic Church, located on Second Avenue, was initially built in 1896 on land donated by Patrick Farrell. The Pelham Picture House, located on Wolfs Lane, was built in 1921 as an old movie theater. The resident formed the non-profit organization, The Picture House Reginal Film Center, to preserve the building. In 2010, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places and presently serves the community as a film educational center but doubles as a venue for parties.


As of 2010, the population of the community was 12,396. English is the most common language in the area, but Spanish and Chinese are spoken as well. The ethnic breakdown of the area is as follows:

  • 87.33% White
  • 4.57% African American
  • 3.96% Asian
  • 0.08% Native American
  • 6.02% Hispanic or Latino
  • 2.23% two or more races
  • 1.82% other races

Most of the population in the community are families, averaging over three members each. Married couples make up 64.4% of the 4,149 households. Of those, 41.3% have children, and 9.7% were single mothers.

Education is essential to the residents, and more than 55.79% have a college degree; this is more than the 21.84% national standard. These degrees aid in the average household income being $91,810. The area does not offer much for employment, and many must commute farther than 30 minutes daily for work. This area is primarily made up of white-collar workers, approximately 85.87% and the breakdown for these occupations is the following:

  • 18.65% executive or management
  • 9.55% sales
  • 9.3% office or administrative support

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Laurence P. Banville
Date Published: May 7, 2021
Laurence P. Banville is the managing partner of Banville Law. As an experienced personal injury attorney, Mr. Banville helps clients recover compensation from those responsible for his clients' injuries. Our firm is located in New York City, serving clients from the five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island.
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