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In order to better understand the city we call home, our lawyers have developed a series of free infographics, highlighting the people and characteristics that make each borough unique. On this page, you’ll find the surprising things we learned about the Bronx:


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The Bronx: Population Facts & Statistics

Thanks to the Recession, New York City’s total population shrank by 2.4% between 2009 and 2010. But unlike most boroughs, the Bronx saw few residents leave. Brooklyn and Queens both gained more than 15,000 residents in 2008, and then lost more than double that the next year. In the Bronx, the change was far less substantial. Gaining only 0.58% in 2008, the borough only lost 0.64% in 2009, leaving the borough’s total population largely unchanged.

But the Bronx’s comeback has been minimal. Brooklyn and Queens have both seen big jumps in population since 2009. The Bronx’s growth, on the other hand, has remained well below the national average of 1% per year.

Now the borough stands around 1.419 million residents, only 1.5% more populous than it was before the Recession. That makes the Bronx almost 46% smaller than Brooklyn and 38% smaller than Queens.

Of course, the Bronx is also considerably smaller in terms of land, too.

Income & Unemployment

The Bronx is also New York City’s poorest borough, and the one most affected by unemployment.

With a median household income of $34,300, the Bronx is:

  • 24% lower than Brooklyn,
  • 39% lower than Queens,
  • 49% lower than Manhattan and
  • 53% lower than Staten Island

by that measure.

As far as unemployment goes, 8.5% of the Bronx’s residents are currently struggling to find work. Manhattan’s unemployment rate is only 5.6%.

Land & Density

But due to its size, the Bronx is still New York City’s third most densely populated borough.

While Queens’ population is 61% greater, the Bronx outranks it in terms of density with 33,785 residents to every square mile. And Brooklyn, with 36,507 people for every square mile, isn’t far ahead either.

While Staten Island is often referred to as the “Greenest Borough,” and Brooklyn is sometimes called the “Borough of Trees,” a larger proportion of the Bronx is covered in parkland:

Out of a total land area of 26,880 acres, 7,002 acres of the Bronx are park, making 26% of the borough “green.” Staten Island, with 37,120 total acres, is only 20% park, while Brooklyn comes in last with a little under 10% “green” land.

In fact, the Bronx is a main reason why New York City is one of America’s greenest urban areas:

  1. Washington, D.C. is 21.9% parkland
  2. New York City is 20.5% parkland
  3. San Francisco is 19% parkland
  4. Oakland is 18.3% parkland

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