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In Need Of A Personal Injury Attorney In Middle Village?

Are you a Middle Village resident who has been struggling after an accident? You may have questions like:

  • Should I call a lawyer?
  • Can a lawyer really help me?
  • Why should I file a lawsuit?
  • Is filing a lawsuit expensive?
  • How much can I recover through a lawsuit?

Our local personal injury lawyers can take you through the process of filing a lawsuit and answer all of your legal questions.

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Banville Law: Helping People Injured By Negligence Find Justice in Middle Village

Our Lawyers Help Middle Village Residents Pursue Personal Injury Lawsuits

You’ve been in an accident and now you want answers. Why did the accident happen? Could it have been prevented? Who was responsible?

Banville Law’s legal team can help you answer these questions and can help you determine if you are eligible to pursue legal action against the responsible party. While filing a lawsuit may seem like a scary and overwhelming step, it is typically the only way for accident victims to recover compensation.

Compensation can come in one of two ways: a settlement or a verdict. A settlement is an agreement that is reached between a plaintiff and a defendant. The majority of all personal injury lawsuits end with a settlement. A verdict is awarded when a case is won in court.

When compensation is obtained, it is intended to help a plaintiff pay for financial and non-monetary losses such as medical bills, lost wages, physical pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.

Contact our local Middle Village personal injury law office with your legal questions and for a free consultation with our legal team. We will review your case and advise you about all of your legal options.

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Let Our Middle Village Legal Team Protect Your Loved One In A Nursing Home

Do you suspect that your loved one isn’t getting the care that they both need and are paying for in a nursing home? Is neglect or abuse suspected? You can take steps to help your loved one.

Banville Law’s lawyers firmly believe that the sick and elderly deserve the best care possible. Sadly, due to chronic understaffing, a lack of supervision, and a failure to perform background checks, many nursing home residents become the victims for neglect and abuse.

Our attorneys know how to discover the evidence that is needed to support your legal claim. In addition to this, we regularly consult with medical and industry experts in each case. Call now to learn more about how you can protect your loved one from further harm.

Don’t Let Medical Malpractice Ruin Your Future – Call Our Law Office Today

Did you discover that a doctor’s treatment or lack of treatment cause serious harm to your health? Are you now undergoing treatments you wouldn’t have needed if a medical mistake hadn’t occurred?

You may be eligible to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

These lawsuits are filed against the medical professional, medical device manufacturer, hospital, or company whose negligence impacted you or a loved one. The compensation that can be obtained through these lawsuits can help to cover the medical treatments that you now need.

Are you unsure if medical malpractice occurred? Here are a few examples of the common kinds of medical malpractice:

  1. Prescription Error: The wrong medication or the incorrect dose is dispensed.
  2. Surgical Error: A mistake is made during surgery or the incorrect surgery is performed on a patient.
  3. Misdiagnosis: Often, different medical conditions can present with similar symptoms. A misdiagnosis is when a doctor diagnoses a patient with the wrong medical condition, allowing the correct condition to go untreated.
  4. Birth Injury: A birth injury occurs when a mistake is made during labor and delivery.
  5. Anesthesia Error: Anesthesia must be administered precisely or it can be deadly to a patient.

Call our lawyers today for a free consultation so that we can determine if you are a victim of medical malpractice.

Does Your Child Suffer From A Birth Injury? Our Law Firm Can Help

There is nothing like the excitement and joy that occurs when a new family member enters the world. While there is always some risk associated with giving birth, the medical professionals who assist during this amazing time are oath-bound to do everything they can to assist both mother and child.

Sadly, even a simple mistake can result in a birth injury, forever changing a newborn’s future.

Birth injuries can cause immense pain, permanent damage, and can require thousands or even millions of dollars in medical treatments over a lifetime. A lawsuit can help a family recover compensation that will pay for those medical expenses.

Parents whose child has a birth injury can typically file on the behalf of their child. To learn more about what is needed to begin the legal process, call Banville Law today.

Car Accident Lawsuits: Our Attorneys Have Represented Thousands Of Clients

Everyone who has a driver’s license knows the rules of the road but many seem to have a difficult time following those rules. While sometimes a rule can be broken without consequence, often this is not the case and the innocent are injured as a result.

Our law firm is proud to represent car accident victims. Our goal is client satisfaction and we seek the maximum compensation possible in each case.

Once you’ve sought medical attention, it’s important to contact an attorney as quickly as possible after an accident so that any evidence, such as surveillance video, photographs, and witness statements can be preserved.

It’s natural to believe that you don’t need to contact an attorney because auto insurance should cover your losses but keep in mind that all insurance policies have limits and once that limit has been met, the payments will stop. This is why a car accident lawsuit may be the action you need to take in order to obtain compensation for all of your losses.

Construction Accidents: When Can A Lawsuit Be Filed And How Can Banville Law Help?

Construction workers help to build our great communities and deserve to be treated with respect. But when a construction worker is injured, the workers’ compensation system often fails to provide them with the coverage they deserve, either by denying the claim entirely or reducing the amount paid out.

Even workers’ compensation claims that are paid correctly aren’t enough to cover all of the losses that are sustained by a construction accident victim. While an employee cannot sue their employer, if a third party’s actions contributed to the cause of their injury, a lawsuit can be filed against this third party.

Let our legal team review your case to determine how best to fight for compensation on your behalf.

Let Our Attorneys Handle Your Wrongful Death Lawsuit So You Can Grieve

When an accident claims the life of a loved one it isn’t only a mental and emotional shock, it can also be a financial shock as well. If you are struggling to pay for your bills because of a loved one’s death, our legal team may be able to assist you.

A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed on behalf of a victim whose life was taken because of someone else’s negligence. Compensation that can be obtained through this legal complaint includes:

  • Lost income
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Lost inheritance
  • Lost benefits

Our law firm understands how painful and stressful this time is. We strive to make the legal process as easy as possible, updating you on the status of your case regularly. Call now to learn more.

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