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If you’ve been injured in an accident in Mount Kisco, you may have questions such as:

  • “How do I know who was at fault?”
  • “Is a lawsuit possible?”
  • “Why should I consider filing a lawsuit?”
  • “How long does a claim take?”
  • “How do I know which law firm to work with?”

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You Should Always Contact A Personal Injury Attorney After An Accident

You’ve been injured in an accident. The first thing on your mind is probably seeking medical care or filing an insurance claim, not speaking with an attorney. However, speaking with an attorney as quickly as possible may be the best way to prevent financial devastation.

A personal injury attorney can help you pursue legal action against the party whose negligence caused you harm. The steps that a client can expect throughout the legal process include:

  1. Attorney Consultation: There are many types of law and working with an attorney who has successfully handled cases similar to yours is very important. Speak with several law firms before making a final decision.
  2. Filing Of Court Documents: This is when the court is informed that a plaintiff is pursuing a lawsuit against the defendant. The defendant will then be served their papers, informing them that they are being sued.
  3. Discovery: During the discovery phase, both parties will collect evidence and exchange information.
  4. Settlement Negotiations / Trial: In the majority of cases, a settlement can be negotiated on the plaintiff’s behalf, however, if an agreement can’t be reached, the case will proceed to trial.

While working with Banville Law, you can rest easy knowing that our legal team will prepare you for and support you throughout each step of the legal process.

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Auto Accident Lawyers Helping Crash Victims Get Their Future Back

If the impact of a car accident has left you reeling and in pain, you may be owed significant compensation for any injuries that you have sustained. This compensation can be obtained, not through car accident insurance, but through an auto accident lawsuit.

Auto accident lawsuits can provide victims with the compensation that they need to pay for:

  • medical expenses
  • lost earnings
  • physical trauma
  • emotional distress

A lawsuit may be the only way to recover full compensation. Often, victims believe that car insurance policies will provide the coverage that they need, however, the state-required insurance minimums typically aren’t enough to cover even the initial medical treatments required by a victim. For example, did you know that a traumatic brain injury could cost up to $3 million dollars over a patient’s lifetime? This is far beyond the medical coverage provided by car insurance companies.

Our lawyers at Banville Law have successfully negotiated thousands of settlements for car accident victims and have fought aggressively in court on our client’s behalf. Call now to have your case reviewed.

How Long Does An Accident Settlement Take?

The length of time a personal injury claim takes to come to a conclusion is usually a result of the complexity of the dispute and how aggressive an attorney is with settlement discussion and/or judicial proceedings. A rear-end collision involving a truck company with relatively basic medical treatment will likely conclude more efficiently than a birth injury claim involving a multitude of parties at fault.

Injured Workers In Westchester County, NY Can Depend On Our Work Injury Law Firm

Work can be a “home away from home”, the place that the majority of New Yorkers spend most of their waking hours. Being hurt on the job is difficult not just because it places a physical, mental, and financial strain on a worker, but it also places them in a position where they have to fight to be properly compensated.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, our legal team is ready to help you with both your workers’ compensation claim and a work injury lawsuit. Although a lawsuit cannot be filed against your employer, if a third party’s actions resulted in the accident which caused your injury, then a lawsuit can be filed against them. Lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims can be filed at the same time.

Construction Accident Lawyers Helping Hardworking Men And Women

Construction workers are surrounded by potential hazards at all times while on the job. Even in the safest environments, accidents, and injuries happen, but unfortunately, in New York, many construction company owners and managers don’t care about maintaining a safe environment. Instead, they focus on saving time and money.

The New York Department of Buildings has slowly been taking steps to make the punishments for negligent employers and managers harsher, hoping to scare business owners into complying with safety regulations but this in no way helps injured workers pay for their ongoing care.

A construction accident lawsuit can ensure that an injured construction worker has the financial safety net they need to pay for both their past and future medical treatments. Let the legal team at Banville Law, which has an office conveniently located in Mount Kisco, review your case. Our lawyer will then advise you about all of your legal options.

Workers’ Compensation Legal Services Provided To Injured Workers In New York

Workers’ compensation seems simple enough – a worker is injured, they file a claim, the claim gets paid. But as with all things relating to insurance – workers’ comp is rarely so simple. In fact, a large portion of all workers’ compensation claims are denied outright, often for something as minor as a mistake made on a claim form.

Appeals are an option, but the court backlog in New York often forces an injured worker to wait more than two years to appear before a judge. During this two year period, no payments are made and the injured worker is left to fend for themselves.

Working with an experienced attorney who can review your claim forms and correct any mistakes is the best way to ensure that the initial claim is immediately approved. The lawyers at Banville Law are always on top of the latest changes in New York workers’ compensation law and are fully prepared to help with both initial claims and appeals. It’s important to contact our law firm as quickly as possible as strict time frames apply to these claims.

Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect Legal Team Protecting The Health And Rights Of The Elderly

It can be horrifying to find that an elderly loved one isn’t getting the care they need at the facility where they live. To discover that physical and sexual abuse is taking place is even worse.

You can protect your loved one by consulting with the legal team at Banville Law about the concerns you have. Our lawyers know where to look to find the evidence that is needed to show that neglect or abuse has occurred and will then fight aggressively to protect the victim. Compensation can be obtained, but the legal path may not be an easy one.

At Banville Law, our goal is client satisfaction and we do everything we can to support our clients throughout the entire process. To learn more about how we pursue justice, contact our local law office today.

What Clients Say About Our Law Firm

I called the Mount Kisco office after my finding out my mom has been neglecting in her nursing home and they were extremely helpful. They handled all the legal work and I was able to focus on protecting my mother. – Sarah H.

Patients In New York Can And Should Fight Against Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional makes a mistake and a patient is harmed as a result. For example, if a surgeon is supposed to perform surgery on a patient’s left hand but instead performs the procedure on the right, medical malpractice has occurred.

Forms of medical malpractice include:

  • birth injury
  • surgical error
  • prescription error
  • misdiagnosis
  • anesthesia error

Medical malpractice often requires a patient to obtain additional medical care that they otherwise would not have needed, medical care that is expensive. While many don’t want to pursue legal action against a doctor they may like and trust, it’s frequently the only way to afford the medical treatments they need for the rest of their lives.

Protect Your Newborn’s Future With A Birth Injury Lawsuit

When a child sustains a birth injury, their future can be forever changed. They may become physically and mentally limited, unable to pursue a career that otherwise would have been available to them. Even if they are able to work as an adult, they may require continued medical care for the rest of their lives. This is why New York law allows the parents of children who sustain a birth injury to file a lawsuit against the person or group responsible.

Banville Law has handled cases involving:

  • fractures
  • brain damage
  • cerebral palsy
  • nerve damage
  • amputations
  • spinal damage

If you believe a medical professional’s mistake caused your child harm, call our legal team today. There are strict timelines in birth injury lawsuits and the legal paperwork must be filed as quickly as possible, so don’t hesitate. Call now.

Don’t Let A Slip And Fall Keep You Down – Call Our Experienced Mount Kisco Lawyers Today

Slip and fall accident victims often don’t realize that they have the right to file a lawsuit against the owner of the property or the company hired to manage the property. Slip and fall lawsuits can provide an accident victim with full compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, physical suffering, and emotional trauma, however, action must be taken quickly.

It’s easy for a property owner to make evidence disappear after an accident, which is why all slip and fall accident victims should take the following steps, if possible:

  1. Seek Medical Attention Immediately
  2. Take Photographs Of The Location
  3. Collect Any Witness Contact Information
  4. Speak With An Attorney

Our legal team will review your case and let you know how best to proceed. Keep in mind that the legal documents may need to be filed quite quickly which is why you should call our Mount Kisco law office for an appointment.

How Do I Contact Your Mount Kisco Personal Injury Lawyers?

You can call us 24/7 on our free injury helpline and one of our experienced Mount Kisco Personal Injury Lawyers will assist you.

Our number is (914) 228-1812.

Where is your Mount Kisco accident law office located?

Our office is located in Mount Kisco near Mount Kisco Municipal Complex, Kisco River, and New Croton Reservoir.

Our address is: 241 Carpenter Ave Mount Kisco, NY 10549.

The Other Types Of Injury Claims We Cover

Our experienced Mt Kisco accident attorneys have a lot of experience in settling auto collision cases, trip and fall down accident cases, work injury claims, construction accident lawsuits, bike collision lawsuits, motorbike collision claims, bus crash cases, train crash cases, metro crash cases, medical negligence claims, birth injury cases, workers’ comp appeal lawsuits, disability cases, nursing home abuse lawsuits, semi-truck accident cases, vacation accident cases, faulty drug lawsuits, scaffold accident cases, building collapse claims, sexual assault cases, dog bite claims as well as lots of other sorts of injury claims.

Our Local Mt Kisco Law Office Serves Clients In The Following Areas:

  • Mount Kisco
  • Bedford Hills
  • Kitchawan
  • Katonah
  • Bedford
  • Armonk
  • Chappaqua
  • Whitehall Corners
  • Bedford Corners
  • Millwood

Local Resources for People Injured in Mount Kisco


Northern Westchester Hospital 400 E Main St, Mt Kisco, NY 10549 (914) 666-1200


Justice Court 40 Green St, Mt Kisco, NY 10549 (914) 241-7033

Auto Repair Shops

Reliable Auto and Truck Repair 21 Cary Pl, Mt Kisco, NY 10549 (914) 666-0693

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Abogados de Lesiones Personales en Mount Kisco, NY

Si usted es un residente de Mount Kisco, Nueva York, y estuvo involucrado en un accidente y sufrió una lesión grave, puede ser elegible para presentar una demanda por lesiones personales. Esta demanda puede proporcionarle a usted y a sus seres queridos una compensación total tanto del pasado como del futuro:

  • gastos médicos
  • ganancias perdidas
  • trauma físico
  • agitación emocional

Si la víctima del accidente murió a causa de sus lesiones, sus seres queridos pueden presentar una demanda por muerte injusta en su nombre. Los abogados de Banville Law están preparados para ayudarlo a luchar por esta compensación. En el pasado, nuestra firma ha representado a clientes que tuvieron casos que involucraron accidentes automovilísticos, lesiones en el parto y accidentes laborales.

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