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If you are a Mount Kisco, New York resident who was involved in an accident and sustained a serious injury, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit. This lawsuit may provide you and your loved ones with full compensation for both past and future:

  • medical expenses
  • lost earnings
  • physical trauma
  • emotional turmoil

If the accident victim died from their injuries, their loved ones may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf.

The attorneys at Banville Law are prepared to help you fight for this compensation. In the past, our firm has represented clients who had cases that involved:

Auto Accidents

Victims of car, bus, and truck accidents often sustain injuries like:

  • traumatic brain injury
  • spinal trauma
  • amputation
  • nerve damage
  • broken bones

These injuries require thousands of dollars in treatments and sometimes, medical bills can actually reach millions of dollars. If the injuries are serious enough, a career may end. Even the best auto insurance policies won’t cover all of the losses sustained by an accident victim, which is why victims are allowed to pursue an auto accident lawsuit.

Birth Injuries

When a birth injury occurs, it can alter the course of a child’s life before they even take their first breath. Parents can fight to get the compensation their child needs so that they can get the best care possible over their lifetime through a birth injury lawsuit. 

Work Accidents

Any worker can be hurt in any industry. While workers’ compensation claims can be filed that might provide the injured worker with a fraction of their lost wages and coverage of medical bills, these claims are frequently denied. Even when paid, the claims won’t provide the full compensation that an injured worker needs.

While employees are protected from work injury lawsuits, a third party whose actions resulted in the accident can be named as the defendant.

If you or a loved one were hurt on the job, contact our experienced work injury lawyers today.

Abogados de Lesiones Personales en Mount Kisco, NY

Si usted es un residente de Mount Kisco, Nueva York, y estuvo involucrado en un accidente y sufrió una lesión grave, puede ser elegible para presentar una demanda por lesiones personales. Esta demanda puede proporcionarle a usted y a sus seres queridos una compensación total tanto del pasado como del futuro:

  • gastos médicos
  • ganancias perdidas
  • trauma físico
  • agitación emocional

Si la víctima del accidente murió a causa de sus lesiones, sus seres queridos pueden presentar una demanda por muerte injusta en su nombre. Los abogados de Banville Law están preparados para ayudarlo a luchar por esta compensación. En el pasado, nuestra firma ha representado a clientes que tuvieron casos que involucraron accidentes automovilísticos, lesiones en el parto y accidentes laborales.