Central Park Tourist Accident
Food, art, history, and commerce: there isn’t much that New York City doesn’t offer. But those same attractions that draw over 54 million visitors each year can hide significant dangers. Dozens of tourists are injured in NYC every day, but with family worried at home and personal matters pressing, few feel prepared to file a lawsuit.

I Got Hurt Visiting New York City. Can I File A Lawsuit?


Our lawyers speak to hundreds of visitors who have been injured every year. Many suspect that their accident could have been prevented if only some one else had been more careful. But they often worry about being forced to stay, while work and life call them home.

You don’t need to stay in New York to file a lawsuit here. Banville Law’s experienced attorneys are prepared to fight for your rights, no matter where you are.

New York City offers powerful legal protections to injury victims, and those rights are extended to residents and tourists alike.

But many people are hesitant about filing lawsuits, even in their own home state or country. Why put yourself through the trouble, especially when you’ll be miles away?

Because you’re hurt, and medical expenses are piling up. Because your injury has a much wider impact, affecting family and friends deeply. Because it may very well affect your ability to work and thrive. Because someone else may be to blame.

Banville Law’s personal injury team fights for justice every day. Let us fight for you.

Do I Even Have A Case?

Without investigating your situation thoroughly, we can’t answer that question. But few accidents are truly innocent, and many are caused by outright negligence.

Negligence is a failure to act with the same level of care that a reasonable person would have used under the same circumstances.

The vast majority of personal injury lawsuits begin with a negligent act.

Negligence is a fundamental ethical concept. Living together, we all owe each other certain duties. Reasonable people would agree that our actions should be tempered by considerations for the safety and well-being of others, that we are bound by a “duty of care.” Negligent acts are ones that violate this duty of care.

Does It Matter How I Was Injured On Vacation?

Certain situations involve a duty of care from the start:

  • Doctors owe their patients a legal duty to provide adequate medical care.
  • Drivers owe pedestrians and other drivers a duty to follow the rules of the road and operate their vehicles safely.
  • Cab drivers owe their passengers a duty to avoid accidents.
  • Hotel and rental property owners owe their visitors and tenants a duty to maintain safe, secure premises. Business owners owe shoppers the same duty of care.

When these duties are violated, and some one is injured, they have every right to pursue justice in New York.

Every accident is unique. To learn more about your rights in specific situations, click here.

Can You Handle My Accident?

Yes, and our track record of success ranges from slip and fall accidents to complex pharmaceutical cases involving dangerous drugs.

No matter how you were injured, our attorneys are committed to exploring your legal options fully, while providing you with up-to-the-minute information on our investigation while you’re away.

Car and taxi accidents are a leading cause of injury, and understandably, personal injury claims. So are falls on commercial, residential and government property.

While numerous crimes are committed in New York every day, how many could have been prevented with adequate security? Beyond New York’s criminal justice system, which leaves injured parties with few avenues for compensation, robbery and assault victims are entitled to pursue the offender in a civil lawsuit.

Do I Need A Lawyer In New York?

We suggest that tourists who have been injured in New York City consult local attorneys.

Where personal injury law is concerned, statutes and regulations vary widely from state to state, and these variations can have serious implications for a negligence claim.

You’ll want a lawyer well-versed in these specific laws, rather than counsel who almost always practices in your own state or, even less advisable, a foreign country.

A New York attorney can also help injured tourists navigate the complex world of the city’s court system. With decades of experience protecting the rights of visitors, our lawyers know the players whose decisions will ultimately affect your case. We’ve fought in the venues where your claim will unfold.

That’s an assurance no out-of-state lawyer can give you.

Will I Need To Come Back?

If your case goes to trial, you’ll probably have to return. Accepting a settlement is another option, one that doesn’t usually necessitate another trip to New York.

At Banville Law, our goal is to see you fairly compensated. If our attorneys can negotiate an offer that you find acceptable, so be it. If not, we have every intention of protecting your interests in court.

How Can I Learn More?

Just contact our dedicated lawyers today to schedule a free consultation. You can learn more about your legal options at no cost and no obligation. None of your money has to leave home, either. Our vacation accident attorneys always work on a contingency-fee basis. That means you pay us nothing until we secure a court award or settlement in your favor.

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