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You’ve likely found our website because you’ve been injured in an accident and have questions like:

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  • Is it possible to pay for my medical care if I can’t return to work?
  • How can I make the responsible party pay for my losses?
  • Can a personal injury attorney really help me?
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When Can An Ossining Resident File A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Each day, men and women in Westchester County are involved in accidents that will forever change their lives. As an accident victim, you suddenly have to deal with physical, mental, and emotional pain and to make matters worse, often a financial strain. It may seem like you will never be able to live life as you once did but you do have legal rights.

A personal injury lawsuit can be filed by a victim when someone else’s negligence resulted in the accident which caused them harm. For example, if a drunk driver hits another vehicle and three people inside are injured, those three may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the drunk driver.

It may not always be obvious that negligence has occurred – for example, did you know that the manufacturers and designers of defective tools can also be held liable for any injuries that the defect causes? This is why it’s always a good idea to have your case reviewed by an attorney.

If you suspect that you may be owed compensation for your injuries, contact the experienced attorneys of Banville Law today. Our legal team offers free case reviews and will go over all of your legal options with you.

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Injured Workers Can Depend On Our Work Injury Attorneys

Work may not be your favorite place to be but it is supposed to be a safe place. Despite this fact, many Ossining residents leave for work each day only to return home with serious injuries that will cost them thousands of dollars to treat and prevent them from returning to their job.

Workers’ compensation insurance may help to pay for medical expenses and perhaps even a small fraction of lost wages, but ultimately, it’s simply not enough for the average employee. However, a work injury lawsuit, filed against the party whose negligence resulted in the injury can provide full compensation for both past and future:

  1. Medical Expenses
  2. Lost Wages
  3. Physical Pain and Suffering
  4. Emotional Trauma

The legal team at Banville Law can help you determine if you are eligible to pursue legal action. If you are, our legal team will be there by your side through each step of the legal process. To learn more about how we assist our clients, contact our local Ossining office today.

Our Lawyers Can Help With Your Workers’ Comp Claim

Workers’ compensation should be simple. Injured workers should be able to apply for the benefits they need and they should be offered coverage. Unfortunately, insurance companies understand that the more complicated a process is, the less likely an applicant is to follow through with their claim, saving the company money. It might seem excessive to speak with an attorney for an insurance claim but without the help of an experienced attorney who can catch any mistakes made on the initial claim and speak with the insurance company on your behalf, a claim may be denied. An appeal can be filed but frequently, the appeal will need to go before a judge. In New York, the court backlog is so long that many workers’ comp appeals take more than two years to reach a courtroom. Banville Law has helped many injured workers with both an initial claim and an appeal. Don’t hesitate to call our legal team today to get the process of recovering compensation started.

You May Be Owed Significant Compensation After An Auto Accident In Westchester County

An auto accident can literally turn your world upside down. One minute you’re on your way to your destination and the next, you’re in physical pain and trying to figure out how you’ll be able to function in the future. Auto insurance is supposed to help you recover financially after an accident, but did you know that the state required minimum coverage in New York is typically not enough to cover the medical treatments required by an accident victim? Car, bus, and truck accident lawsuits help accident victims recover full compensation for medical expenses, lost earnings, physical pain, and emotional trauma. In instances where the victim dies, their loved ones may be able to pursue justice on their behalf. Eligible family members typically include the parents, children, and spouses of the deceased, however, other dependants may also be able to file. The total amount that can be obtained through a car accident lawsuit varies between plaintiffs since no two plaintiffs experience the same losses. Let Banville Law’s auto accident lawyers review your case. Then, together, we can fight aggressively for the compensation that can help you rebuild your life.

What Clients Say About Our Law Firm

"Amazing Attorneys! I contact Banville Law after my construction accident. They helped with my workers' comp and construction lawsuit. Now I can afford my medical treatments!" - Jeff E.

Ossining Residents Can Recover From Medical Malpractice

Do you suspect that a medical professional's mistake has caused you serious harm? Are you now paying for medical treatments that you shouldn’t have needed? You are not alone. Medical malpractice impacts patients of all ages throughout Westchester County each year. In fact, New York state accounts for nearly 1/5 of all medical malpractice lawsuits in the country, despite having some of the best hospitals. Proving that medical malpractice occurred can be difficult, but with the right legal team by your side, you can recover the compensation you deserve. There are strict timelines when it comes to filing a med mal lawsuit, which is why it’s important to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible. Banville Law offers free case reviews to patients who believe that medical negligence has caused them harm. Our legal team will review your case, consult with medical experts, and determine what legal options are available to you.

Let Our Birth Injury Lawyers Help Your Family

Every parent wants to make sure that they are giving their child the best start at life from the moment they enter this world. But there is nothing that can prepare a family for the pain and suffering that a birth injury can cause. Common birth injuries include:
  • C-section Errors
  • Anesthesia Errors
  • Forceps Injuries
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Nerve Damage
  • Lacerations
If your child has sustained a birth injury, consider speaking with one of our lawyers about your legal rights. Compensation can be obtained that will help to pay for their medical care. Banville Law is proud to have helped many families recover from a birth injury and we will fight aggressively for your child. Call now.

Don’t Let A Slip & Fall Accident Keep You Down – Call Our Local Law Firm

Despite being called an “accident”, the harsh reality is that most slip and fall accident could have been prevented if the responsible party had just taken action. In fact, property owners are required by law to take regular action by inspecting their property at reasonable intervals to determine if a slip and fall hazard exists. If a defect is discovered, they must then either immediately fix it or take steps to warn those who might come into contact with that defect. Slip and fall accidents are commonly caused by:
  • loose wires
  • broken steps and handrails
  • spilled liquids
  • snow and ice
  • loose carpeting
  • broken sidewalks
While some victims are able to simply walk away with little to no pain, others must be treated for:
  • traumatic brain injury
  • spinal damage
  • broken bones
  • nerve damage
  • implament
If you are dealing with the financial burden of a slip and fall injury, contact Banville Law. Our consultations are free.

Nursing Home Residents Deserve Respect – Banville Law’s Legal Team Helps Them Recover After Abuse & Neglect

If your loved one lives in a nursing home, they are supposed to be getting the care that they need. All too often, however, the elderly are abused and neglected in nursing homes. When approached to discuss their failure, those in charge of the nursing homes typically deny that any issue exists and records that could prove otherwise suddenly get “lost”. Banville Law believes that the elderly should be protected and compensated for the pain and suffering that they have endured. Our legal team is proud to fight against nursing home neglect and abuse in New York. When reviewing a case, we leave no stone unturned. If abuse or neglect occurred, we will find it and we will help our clients seek justice.

Let Our Lawyers Help You Rebuild Your Life After A Construction Accident

You’ve spent your days helping to build the great community in Ossining but now that you’ve been seriously injured in a construction accident, you need help. You’ve applied for workers’ compensation and either received an outright denial or the amount paid simply isn’t enough to cover your expenses.  How can you afford to live and pay for your medical bills? A construction accident lawsuit may be the answer. Construction accident lawsuits are filed against a third-party whose negligence contributed to your accident. For example, if a contractor fails to properly secure a wall while digging a trench and workers are injured because that wall collapses, they can file a lawsuit against the contractor. A lawsuit can provide the compensation that you need to pay for both past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Don’t hesitate to call Banville Law with all of your legal questions – we want to support you the way you’ve supported our community.

Local Resources For Ossining Residents


Phelps Hospital 701 North Broadway Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591 (914) 366-3000

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Tino’s Auto Repair 203 N Highland Ave Ossining, New York 10562 (914) 715-0564 Martone Auto Collision 179 N Highland Ave, Ossining, NY 10562 (914) 941-9372


Village of Ossining Justice Court 86 Spring Street Ossining, NY 10562 (914) 762-8562

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