Personal Injury Attorneys Helping Port Chester, New York Residents

Personal Injury Attorneys Helping Port Chester, New York Residents2018-11-28T12:10:12+00:00

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Did you know that a traumatic brain injury can cost as much as $3 million dollars to treat over a patient’s lifetime? Or that $80,000 dollars is the low end of the average cost of treatments needed for a spinal injury? Taking these sums into consideration, it’s easy to understand why accident victims frequently decide to pursue personal injury lawsuits.

Personal injury lawsuits can provide plaintiffs with the full compensation that is needed to pay for medical bills, lost wages, physical trauma, and emotional pain. But it’s difficult to obtain this compensation without the assistance of an experienced attorney.

The attorneys at Banville Law work on a variety of personal injury cases including but not limited to:

Construction Accident Lawsuits

Construction workers know that they are in an industry where workers are often seriously injured in accidents such as:

  • slip and fall accidents
  • accidents involving defective tools
  • crane accidents
  • electrocutions

However they are injured, injured workers have the right to seek compensation for their losses through both a workers’ compensation claim and a construction accident lawsuit.

Car Accident Lawsuits

Thousands of car accidents occur each day, caused by:

  • drunk drivers
  • texting
  • grooming
  • defective car parts
  • improperly posted street signs

Whatever the cause, car insurance should cover the victim’s medical bills and other losses, however, policy limits exist and once those limits have been reached, the insurance company will no longer pay. This is why car accident lawsuits can be filed against the party responsible.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

When a medical professional makes a mistake it’s the patient that suffers irreparable damage. Then, the patient typically requires treatment that could have been avoided if the right steps had been taken.

Common forms of medical malpractice include:

  • misdiagnosis
  • birth injuries
  • medication errors
  • surgical errors
  • defective drugs

To learn more about the legal process and whether or not you may be able to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit, contact our law firm today. Don’t wait – a statute of limitations is in place that means plaintiffs only have a short period of time to file their legal claim.

Abogados de Lesión Personal en Port Chester, NY

¿Sabía que una lesión cerebral traumática puede costar tanto como $3 millones de dólares para tratarla durante la vida de un paciente? ¿O que $80,000 dólares es el extremo bajo del costo promedio de los tratamientos necesarios para una lesión espinal? Teniendo en cuenta estas sumas, es fácil comprender por qué las víctimas de accidentes con frecuencia deciden presentar demandas por lesiones personales.

Las demandas por lesiones personales pueden proporcionar a los demandantes la compensación total que se necesita para pagar las facturas médicas, salarios perdidos, traumas físicos y dolor emocional. Pero es difícil obtener esta compensación sin la ayuda de un abogado experimentado. Los abogados de Banville Law trabajan en una variedad de casos de lesiones personales, que incluyen, entre otros, accidentes de construcción, accidentes automovilísticos y negligencia médica.