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Did you sustain injuries that will impact you for years to come in an accident in Unionport, NY? You are likely searching for the answers to many questions including:

  • What steps should I take to protect myself?
  • Is it possible to get my medical bills covered?
  • Should I just try contacting the person responsible on my own?
  • Is hiring a lawyer worth it?
  • How much is my lawsuit worth?

Call the experienced Unionport personal injury lawyers at Banville Law to have all of your legal questions answered. Schedule your free no-obligation case evaluation today but filling out our contact form below. 

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Our Personal Injury Lawyers Help Unionport Accident Victims Get Back On Their Feet

If you or a loved one have recently been hurt in an accident in Unionport you may be wondering if you have the right to take legal action against those responsible. Let the legal team at Banville Law review your case and explain all possible options to you.

Our Attorneys Keep The Heat On The Insurance Companies After A Car Accident

Car accidents don’t just mangle the automobiles involved – they can also cause serious injury to the drivers and passengers involved. Common injuries diagnosed in car accident victims include:

  • traumatic brain injury
  • spinal trauma
  • broken bones
  • nerve damage
  • amputations
  • burns

The treatments for these injuries may cost thousands of dollars. For example, did you know that the average cost for treating a traumatic brain injury can range from $80,000 – $3,000,000? These sums are much more than the required minimum car insurance coverage in New York. Once an insurance policy limit has been met the insurance company will stop paying, leaving car accident victims to fend for themselves. This is why so many car accident victims seek an attorney to help them fight for the compensation that they so desperately need.

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It’s normal for accident victims in the Bronx to put off seeking legal counsel, however, car accident lawsuits are often the only way for accident victims to recover full compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain and suffering, and emotional trauma. The total amount that can be recovered through a legal complaint will depend on the plaintiff’s actual losses.

It’s important to contact an attorney as quickly as possible for several reasons. First, an attorney can prevent crucial evidence from disappearing. Second, in each case, a statute of limitations applies. This means that the plaintiff only has a short period of time during which their legal complaint can be filed. Once this period of time passes, they will no longer be able to recover compensation.

Banville Law is ready to answer all of your legal questions. Don’t wait – call now.

Our Construction Accident Law Firm Helps Injured Workers Get Justice

Look at the world around you. Without construction workers, the buildings we live, work, and have fun in wouldn’t exist. The roads, bridges, and sidewalks we use wouldn’t exist either. Yet every year, thousands of construction workers are injured in accidents that could have and should have been prevented.

There are many hazards on every construction site and accidents commonly involve:

  • heavy machinery
  • defective tools
  • live electrical wires
  • spilled liquids
  • falling objects
  • falls from heights

However a worker is injured, if a third party’s negligence contributed to the accident, they may be able to seek compensation through a construction accident lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit may seem like an extreme step to take but it is often the only way to recover full compensation for all losses.

In some cases, the worst happens and the victim dies from their injuries. When this happens, their loved ones may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf. This legal complaint may provide the plaintiffs with compensation for any medical treatment relating to the accident that the deceased required before their death, lost inheritance, lost wages, emotional turmoil, and funeral and burial expenses. Those who are eligible to file typically include the parents, spouse, and children of the deceased.

At Banville Law, our legal team promises to leave no stone unturned when reviewing an accident. Construction workers and their loved ones can depend on us to fight aggressively for their rights.

Let Our Workers’ Compensation Legal Team Review Your Claim & Handle Your Appeal

Work accidents and injuries happen every single day, in every single industry. The law requires employers to have workers’ compensation coverage for this very reason, hoping that workers’ comp will save both injured workers and employers from financial ruin. In theory, employees will be safe because the insurance will cover their medical bills and a fraction of their lost wages. In return, employers are safe because providing workers’ comp prevents employees from suing them for compensation.

The problem with this system is that while employers are almost always unaffected, injured workers frequently suffer physically, mentally, and financially because their workers’ compensation claim is denied outright. This happens because insurance companies focus on saving money and typically train their adjusters to find any reason to deny a claim.

Although an appeal can be made, there is a backlog in the New York court system and on average, an applicant waits around two years to have a judge review their case.

Injured workers have a much better chance of getting their initial claim approved when they work with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. At Banville Law, our legal team will review your claim for all of the common mistakes that can result in a denial and speak with the insurance company on your behalf. That way, you can rest easy and focus on healing.

What Clients Say About Our Law Firm

"Banville Law Is The Best! I found Banville Law after I was hurt at work in Parkchester, NY. Not only did they help me get my denied workers' comp claim approved, they also helped me file a work accident lawsuit. I will be able to afford all the medical care I will need!" - Katie V.

Medical Malpractice: Our Lawyers Aren’t Afraid To Hold Hospitals & Doctors Responsible For Their Mistakes

When a patient makes an appointment with their doctor, they are trusting that this person will be able to use their extensive knowledge and experience to make the correct diagnosis and provide them with the correct treatment. For many, this is exactly what happens. But for others, the unimaginable happens – their doctor makes a mistake that puts their life on the line.

Medical malpractice can be committed by any medical professional – not just doctors. Common forms of medical malpractice include:

  • Surgical Errors
  • Prescription Errors
  • Birth Injuries
  • Anesthesia Errors
  • Misdiagnosis

Patients who have sustained harm through medical malpractice do have the legal right to fight for compensation from the person or group responsible. The road may not be easy, however, without an experienced attorney who has the resources needed to take on large hospitals and their legal teams.

The legal team at Banville Law has the resources you need on your side. In addition to this, our lawyers regularly consult with industry experts who can provide valuable insight into your case. Fighting for the maximum compensation is our goal in every case and we are proud to have helped thousands of medical malpractice victims in the Bronx recover the compensation they need.

Don’t Let You Loved One Suffer – Contact A Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Attorney Now

Putting a loved one is a nursing home is always a stressful decision but it usually is also a necessary one. Nursing homes exist to provide care for those who can no longer care for themselves. Individuals and families pay large amounts to ensure that their loved ones get that care. However, despite the high cost of care, many facilities fail to provide what is needed, leaving their residents to suffer.

Common signs of abuse or neglect in a nursing home include:

  • weight loss
  • malnutrition
  • dehydration
  • unexplained cuts and bruises
  • fear of a person or place
  • bed sores

While a nursing home lawsuit can’t change the past, it can provide a family with the financial support they need to get the actual care required and it may also provide a sense that justice has been served.

Our Legal Team Will Help You Get Back Up After A Slip & Fall Accident

In our experience, our legal team has found that many slip and fall victims don’t realize that they can legally seek compensation for any injuries that they have sustained on someone else’s property. However, the reality is that premises liability laws exist which state the property owners and managers must do everything within their power to provide a safe environment for visitors.

This means that every property must be checked regularly for hazards such as:

  • broken sidewalks
  • spilled liquids
  • potholes
  • loose wires
  • broken steps and handrails
  • poorly secured flooring

When a hazard is discovered it must either be immediately fixed or warning signs must be placed around it.

Since no two properties are exactly alike, what is considered reasonable will shift in each case. For example, it’s much easier to check a 1,000 square foot store for hazards than it is a 1,000 acre property.

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a slip and fall accident, contact our team of experienced slip and fall attorneys. Our legal team will review your case and explain all legal avenues open to you.

Your Family Deserves Help From Our Legal Team After A Birth Injury

Every parent knows that there are millions of things in this world that could cause their child harm. But the last thing any parent expects is for their child to be harmed by the medical professionals that are helping to bring them into the world.

Birth injuries occur with shocking regularity. Common forms include:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Erb’s Palsy
  • Anesthesia Errors
  • C-section Mistakes
  • Bone Fractures

Our legal team has successfully represented the parents and children who have been harmed by a birth injury. Together with our clients, we review all aspects of the case, consult with medical professionals, scour hospital records, and then fight aggressively for our client’s rights.

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