Although we expect stairways, stairwells, and sets of steps to be “low tech” compared to mechanical alternatives, property owners still have a responsibility to maintain them for those who climb the stairs each day. New York’s property owners have a duty to maintain their stairways and steps in a “reasonably safe” condition for building occupants and visitors. When they do not, when they lapse in their duties and create hazardous situations for walkers, serious accidents may occur causing unnecessary pain a suffering for the victim.

Property Owner Negligence in Maintaining Steps & Stairs

Stairs and steps leading to broken sidewalk fall accidentOur injury lawyers believe that no resident should have to suffer because of the negligence of a property owner. With such a large number of residents, Manhattan alone consisting of over 850,000 apartments, there are numerous buildings suffering neglect and posing a potential danger to residents and guests.

We are dedicated to fighting for our clients’ best interests and holding careless property owners responsible for their actions. If you were hurt in an accident involving defective stairs, steps or stairwells, you may be able to secure fair compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering by pursuing a claim in the New York civil court system.

Common Causes Of Stairwell & Step Accidents

New York is home to numerous buildings, both small and large, from private residential apartment buildings to private office high-rises and public governmental offices. In every building, visitors and residents alike have two options in making their way from floor to floor: use an elevator or take the stairs.

It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that their buildings’ stairways and steps are in good working condition and free of potential hazards. In our decades of experience, Banville Law’s New York slip and fall lawyers have helped clients injured by the following hazards:

  • Broken steps
  • Uneven steps
  • Non-visible stair edges
  • Cluttered stairs covered in debris
  • Faulty handrails
  • Poorly lit stairwells

Where Do These Types Of Accidents Occur?

Although the offices and apartment buildings are crosshatched by a multitude of steps that can be considered “stairways,” our attorneys have noticed a particular prevalence of trip & fall accidents occurring on:

  • Steps leading to a building’s entrance – during the winter, entrance steps can easily become covered in a slick layer of ice, presenting the opportunity for serious slip & fall accidents. In addition, many buildings have steps made of stone which, without proper upkeep, can crumble and create a dangerous environment for those entering the building.
  • Stairwells and stairways within a building

How Our Lawyers Treat These Types of Fall Accidents

We at Banville Law are dedicated to securing the maximum compensation allowable under the law for our clients, no matter the cause of their accident. This commitment includes pursuing all avenues of compensation. We’ll cover every angle of your accident by:

  • Working closely with your doctors and medical professionals. By gathering all the evidence surrounding your injuries, our attorneys can determine their extent and seek full reimbursement for your medical expenses, even if ongoing care becomes necessary.
  • Returning to the accident scene with professional accident investigators. We’ll precisely determine the true causes of your fall accident, ensuring that those responsible are held liable in a personal injury lawsuit.

Unlike insurance companies, Banville Law wants what’s best for you, not our bottom line. That’s why we approach every accident case on a contingency-fee basis, offering our legal services at no cost to you until we return a verdict or settlement in your favor.