As personal injury lawyer, the New York slip and fall attorneys at Banville Law have experience in cases of “premises liability.” For an in-depth look at NYC’s “premises liability” doctrine and how it serves to protect New York’s citizens, visit our “Premises Liability” page.

New York City Slip & Fall Lawyers Frequently Asked Questions

In this FAQ, our slip and fall lawyers will answer many of the questions our New York City accident victims ask in their free consultations.

What Types Of Accidents Are Appropriate For Premises Liability Claims?

The New York City legal doctrine of “premises liability” offers protection to those injured on properties owned by others. Most commonly, these slip and fall accidents involve the following conditions:

If an experienced personal injury lawyer can prove that your slip and fall accident was caused by a property owner’s negligence, you may be entitled to pursue a personal injury lawsuit and receive valuable compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. But what constitutes “negligence”? How does a slip and fall attorney determine who was responsible for your accident?

What Does “Reasonably Safe Conditions” Mean?

“Premises liability” law charges New York’s property owners to maintain “reasonably safe conditions” for their guests, visitors, and customers. If a property owner fails to do so, fails to adequately protect visitors from hazards on their property, they may be found guilty of negligence.

“Reasonable safety” is mainly a matter of common sense. Would a normal, reasonable person have recognized the property’s conditions as unsafe? Was there spilled liquid on the bodega floor where you fell? Should a manager or employer have noticed it and cleaned it up? If you tripped over an object in a supermarket, was there a reasonable explanation for its placement? Or was it carelessly left where it shouldn’t have been?

These are the kind of basic, logical questions that a personal injury lawyer will ask in deciding whether a property owner’s actions violated “premises liability.”

Who Is Responsible For My Slip & Fall Accident?

Generally, responsibility for a violation of premises liability will devolve upon the property’s owner. In certain circumstances, a governmental agency may be held accountable. The owners of any of the following types of property may be held liable in a New York court of law for an accident victim’s injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering:

If you were injured in any of the New York City locations listed above, you may have been the victim of a negligent property owner.

What Services Does An Attorney Provide?

In short, our New York City slip, trip and fall lawyers will do everything in their power to build a successful slip and fall claim in your case. Whether you are seeking compensation through a withholding insurance company or decide to pursue a personal injury claim in a New York court of law, our attorneys’ decades of experience and aggressive form of legal advocacy will prove invaluable.

Developing New York City Insurance Claims

If you need assistance in strengthening an insurance claim, our slip and fall attorneys have specific expertise in handling insurance claims.

Building Personal Injury Lawsuits

If our lawyers advise you to seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit, we will prepare your claim for trial even if we expect to settle. Preparing a slip and fall case for trial entails developing an air-tight proof of a property owner’s negligence and legal responsibility for your safety.

We will work closely with your trusted medical professionals to determine the extent of your injuries and pursue the maximum compensation for your pains, hardship, and loss of enjoyment of life. With a team of professional accident investigators, we will return to the scene of your accident and investigate the numerous factors that may have contributed to your slip and fall. If possible, we will speak with witnesses, police officers, and anyone else who may have valuable information for the development of your case.

But it is our expert knowledge of New York City legal codes that will prove most valuable. “Premises liability” is a particularly nuanced complex of regulations and laws. Only an experienced New York City attorney can foresee potential setbacks and navigate the complicated world of New York City and State of New York law. We seek to choose the most effective legal avenues for our clients, while minimizing risk and increasing compensation.

How Can I Help?

Injured in a slip and fall accident in New York City? Here’s how to help a personal injury lawyer develop a strong case:

  • Photograph The Accident Scene. If possible, document the conditions that caused your slip, trip, and fall accident in pictures. Be sure to thoroughly photograph any injuries you may have sustained as well.
  • Collect Witness Information. If anyone else saw your slip, trip, and fall accident occur, write down their name and contact information. A personal injury lawyer can collect witness statements during the course of legal counsel.
  • Make An Accident Report. In many of New York City’s establishments, especially supermarkets, department stores, and office buildings, management is required to collect reports of any accidents that take place on their property. Simply ask for a manager and relate your side of the story. If possible, ask for a copy of the accident report.
  • Collect Evidence. If possible, save the object that caused your accident. If you tripped over a tomato at the supermarket, place the vegetable in a plastic bag and freeze the evidence. In addition, you may want to preserve the shoes you were wearing when you slipped, as they may have valuable evidence on them as well.

Contact An Attorney Today

Were you hurt due to a property owner’s negligence? The experienced slip and fall lawyers at Banville Law have years of experience securing compensation for New York City’s accident victims. Contact our personal injury attorneys today for a free consultation.

Our lawyers understand that the prospect of filing a lawsuit can be daunting, not least because of the expenses involved in maintaining effective legal counsel. That’s why our slip and fall lawyers always offer their legal services on a contingency-fee basis, which means that you only pay for our counsel once we have secured compensation in a verdict or settlement.

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