When we enter any public business in New York, we legally become “invitees” of that establishment. In catering to “invitees,” businesses have certain responsibilities to their guests, including maintaining reasonably safe premises free of hazards. But as we all know, many establishments do not adequately honor their duty to guests. Nowhere is this contrast more apparent than in the many gyms, spas, and health clubs across New York.

New york apartment condo gym - scene of slip and fallAs members or guests, we patronize New York’s gyms, health clubs, and spas to exercise and receive health-related services, hoping to increase our body’s potential and our overall well being. Ironic then that numerous slip, trip, and fall accidents occur in health centers every year. Victims of gym, spa, and health club negligence in New York, and especially those injured in fall down accidents, may be able to pursue compensation for their damages in a civil lawsuit.

Premises Liability: Proving Fault Of Gym, Spa or Health Center in Lawsuits

The experienced attorneys at Banville Law have helped many clients receive the compensation to which they are entitled from gyms, spas, and health clubs who were negligent in maintaining safe premises. It is our firm belief that no resident of New York should have to suffer the effects of spa or gym negligence in silence, and in decades of legal experience we have matched that belief with aggressive, efficient action. Our only aim is to pursue the maximum compensation for our clients injured by falling in these health centers.

Common Hazards In New York Gyms and Spas

Our attorneys have offered unparalleled representation to accident victims for many years. In that time, the lawyers at Banville Law have seen all manner of fall down accidents occur in gyms, spas, and health clubs. Gyms and spas present numerous hazards to members and guests alike, including:

  • Wet floors, either after mopping or as a chronic condition in showers and around pools
  • Torn carpeting creates the potential for trip and fall accidents
  • Gym floor littered with work-out equipment, like bar bells
  • Inadequate, or negligent, security staff whose inattention leads to assault or robbery
  • Faulty gym equipment

Any number of dangerous gym or spa conditions can lead to an accident. Victims injured can seek compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, in addition to pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

Can Our Legal Services Help You Get Justice?

In a gym injury lawsuit, the damages to which victims are entitled is calculated based on the actual extent of their injuries. For that reason, our New York licensed lawyers always provide compassionate personalized attention to each of our clients.

We work closely with your doctors and medical professionals to determine the true cost of your injuries. We will return to the gym, spa, or health center in which you were injured with a team of professional accident investigators to seek out all culpable parties. Only by evaluating every possible avenue for compensation can we seek the maximum amount that New York’s gym and spa accident victims deserve.

Were You Injured?

Were you injured in a gym, spa, or health club fall accident? Such an accident can lead to serious injury and you may be facing a lengthy course of medical treatment and time off work. But you do not need to face these burdens on your own. Contact our law firm today to learn more about your legal options.