When we patronize privately-owned establishments, like New York’s numerous bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, we enter into an implicit agreement with their owners. In exchange for our business, for the meals we eat and the drinks we buy, they agree to maintain their properties in a reasonably safe condition.

Reasonably safe” means that they fix problems that could present a hazard to customers in a timely manner, and warn visitors of potential dangers if necessary. When New York City’s property owners fail in their obligations, and slip and fall accidents occur, victims may receive compensation for their injuries in a personal injury lawsuit.

New York City Restaurant And Bar Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers

Were you injured by dangerous conditions in a New York City restaurant, bar, or nightclub? You may not have to pay out of pocket for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In fact, an experienced slip and fall lawyer in New York may be able to help you secure the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

The personal injury attorneys at Banville Law have helped many of New York’s residents receive the money they deserve after slip and fall accidents. Our lawyers are experienced in holding businesses, like bars, restaurants, and nightclubs accountable for their negligence. If you were hurt, and need help, contact our slip and fall attorneys today.

Can I Sue For A Slip And Fall At A Restaurant, Bar or Nightclub?

When faced with a slip and fall accident claim, some restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in New York City will reimburse victims for their injuries. But slip and fall accident victims who deal directly with the business that caused their injury will not receive compensation for “non-economic damages,” damages harder to quantify than medical expenses, but often just as necessary.

An experienced slip and fall attorney can pursue additional forms of compensation, like pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, in a court of law. We strongly advise you contact an attorney before negotiating any deal with the privately owned venue or their insurance companies.

Wet Floors And Spillages In A Restaurant Or Bar

Many businesses in New York City that serve food and drink, like bars and restaurants, are legally required to mop their floors daily. Unfortunately, employees often start their daily cleaning programs before their stores are closed.

If these property owners fail to alert their guests of dangerously wet floors, slip and fall accidents can occur at a moment’s notice. Slip and fall accidents are particularly prevalent in restaurant, bar, and nightclub bathrooms.

A legal theory known as “premises liability” serves to protect the victims of slip and fall accidents in restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Under this theory, the owners or managers of establishments can be held accountable for accidents that occur on their properties due to negligence. But the restaurants, bars, and nightclubs of New York City, which often operate at a significant profit, are able to afford formidable legal counsel when sued by injured parties.

By reaching out to the slip and fall lawyers at Banville Law, you can balance the scales. With decades of experience holding negligent New York City property owners responsible, our attorneys have helped many injured residents secure their futures after a slip and fall accident.

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Hurt by a New York City property owner’s negligence? Slip, trip, or fall in a restaurant, bar, or nightclub? You deserve justice, and we believe in your accident case. Contact our New York City personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

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