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Getting to Know the Historic Sugar Hill, NY

The slip and fall attorneys in Sugar Hill, NY, at Banville Law, have provided the following details about the neighborhood's history and features.

Sugar Hill

Sugar Hill is located in the northern region of Harlem in the Manhattan borough of New York. The area is bordered by Edgecombe Avenue, West 145th Street, Amsterdam Avenue, and West 155th Street. Jackie Robinson Park forms the eastern border, and Hamilton Heights is just to the south. The neighborhood is only 5.9 miles from downtown Manhattan and 1.3 miles from the Yankee Stadium. 


The area is rich in both cultural and architectural history. In 2002 it became recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, and as many as 414 buildings were added to the list. 

During the 1920s, the area featured mainly rowhouses for the wealthy. The area became known as the sweet life on the hill, or Sugar Hill, based on its population of affluent African Americans in an otherwise poverty-stricken town. Some prominent residents have included the following:

  • W. E. B. DuBois - a Harvard graduate and well-known writer and activist
  • Thurgood Marshall - the first African-American to serve on the Supreme Court
  • Adam Clayton Powell Jr. - first African-American elected to Congress, member of the US House of Representatives
  • Duke Ellington - Jazz musician

Historical Landmarks

With so many of the buildings constructed in the 1800s, it is no wonder that many have the neighborhood has been deemed the Historic District. Some of the most notable structures are the row houses found on St. Nicholas Place and also include:

  • James A. and Ruth M. Bailey House 
  • Fink House
  •  Baiter House
  • Benziger House

Neighborhood Parks

The neighborhood is primarily made up of high-rise row houses or structures, but a few areas offer a natural sanctuary. Located on West 151st Street and St. Nicholas Avenue is the small gated Convent Garden. The green space is full of blossoming flowers with benches and even a gazebo. 

Further down West 151st is the Carmansville Playground. The playground offers many amenities for the whole family, such as:

  • basketball courts
  • handball courts 
  • restrooms
  • playground equipment

Just outside of the neighborhood's east border is the Jackie Robinson Park in Upper Manhattan. The park is a historic addition to the Harlem area offering the residents the following features:

  • pools
  • volleyball courts
  • recreational centers - that include a library and Wifi
  • basketball courts
  • weight room 


Sugar Hill's median home price is $498,800, much higher than the national average of $217,500. Rent is average and will run approximately $1,425 per month. The historic area is predominantly a rental community, with 87% of the residents renting. 

With the nearby City College of New York in West Harlem, the area includes mainly single young adults, and only 18% are families with children. At least 38% of the residents have a bachelor's degree or higher. The median income per household is $53,660, with more than 59% of the individuals making less than $34,000. The occupational breakdown of the working residents is the following:

  • 40.5% executive, management, and professional roles
  • 28.4% sales and service jobs
  • 19.5% manufacturing and laborer occupations
  • 15.2% clerical, assistant, and technical support positions


The population is mainly of Hispanic or Latino ethnicities, and the racial makeup is the following:

  • 19% white 
  • 23% African American
  • 51% Hispanic or Latino
  • 4% Asian 
  • 3% two or more races

Approximately 33.8% of the townspeople were born outside of the United States, and the ancestral breakdown is the following:

  • 23.8% Dominican
  • 7.4% Mexican
  • 5.3% Jamaican
  • 3.9% Sub-Saharan African
  • 3.1% Puerto Rican

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Laurence P. Banville
Date Published: May 27, 2021
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