This brief history of the area known as the Diamond District in New York has been brought to you by our Diamond District personal injury attorneys.

From Wildlands To Diamonds

For nearly 12,000 years, the Lenape tribe roamed the lands that are now known as New York, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The tribe is divided into clans. These clans would build temporary villages and live in one area until the hunting and fishing grounds were exhausted or when seasonal changes caused them to move on.

Diamond District near personal injury law firm. When Europeans arrived in the 1600s, the settlers traded furs and other goods with the Lenape and took control of the area. The first settlers included the Dutch, Swedish, and English.

Much of New York remained as farmland for centuries, however, Manhattan and the rest of New York began to grow rapidly during the 1800s. The Diamond District, which is now one of the world’s premier jewelry centers, was originally located in downtown Manhattan on Maiden Lane and Canal Street.

It wasn’t until the 1900s that rising rents caused jewelers to consider moving. Understanding this, several contractors built locations on 47th Street, designed to attract those in the jewelry business. By 1925, this new area was called the Diamond District.

The Diamond District is the second oldest surviving jewelry district in the United States, the first being Jeweler’s Row in Philadephia, PA.

Facts About The Diamond District:

Our Diamond District personal injury legal team has provided the following fascinating facts about the Diamond District:

  • there are around 2,600 independent businesses dealing with diamonds and jewelry in the district;
  • in a single day, the average sales in the Diamond District are about $400 million;
  • around 90% of all diamonds that enter the United States come through the Diamond District in NYC;
  • the district is the home of the Gemological Institute of America which trains gem dealers.

We encourage you to visit the Diamond District for an unforgettable experience! If you’d like to learn more about the area, read this post on local resources in the Diamond District.