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The Lenape: The Original Inhabitants Of New York

For thousands of years, the Lenape tribe made their home on the lands that are now called New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, and Delaware. Divided into clans, the Lenape would roam the land and create temporary villages. Here they would farm, fish, and hunt until the surrounding territory became exhausted. Then they would move to another area, allowing nature to replenish their former village.

When the Dutch arrived in the 1600s, these settlers traded furs, money, and other goods with the Lenape for the land. The Dutch then began to establish farms and settlements.

Control of the area changed hands on numerous occasions, with the English ultimately taking it from the Dutch. The English remained in control until the end of the American Revolution.

The village has survived several wars and as remained a picturesque community that is beloved by its residents.

How Did Valhalla Get Its Name?

Valhalla neighborhood near personal injury law firm. Most Americans recognize that the name Valhalla comes from Norse mythology. But how did a village in New York get named Valhalla?

In the mid-1800s, the community was named Davis Brook. The railroads were being expanded and although the village was named Davis Brook, the station was named Kensico, the same name as a neighboring village. With the expansion of the railroad, the station name needed to be changed and since a post office was built in the train station, the postmaster was given the honor of choosing a new name for the station.

The postmaster’s wife loved Norse mythology and suggested Valhalla. The name stuck, and although it was only supposed to be the name of the station, soon it was associated with the Village as well and the name Davis Brook was long forgotten.

Facts About Valhalla, NY

Here are a few interesting facts about Valhalla, NY, provided by the Valhalla personal injury lawyers at Banville Law:

  • the average family income is $121,000;
  • the average commute time is 31 minutes;
  • famous former residents include Kevin Meaney, an actor, and Sal Yvars, a former Major League Baseball player.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about this amazing village!