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Jet Ski And Jetpack Accidents Can Destroy Lives

Oceans, lakes, and rivers are popular destinations whenever someone is on vacation. People love cooling off in hot weather by playing in the water. Swimming, diving, sailing, kayaking, and paddleboarding are all popular activities but often vacationers look for something that will give them more of a rush. The power of a jet ski or jetpack is frequently how they get that rush.

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How Do Accidents Happen?

When it comes to jet skis or jetpacks, the most common causes of accidents involve:

A Mistake Made By An Operator

Just like the driver of a car, the person in charge of a jet ski is responsible for keeping their eyes on the water in front of them and for staying alert. If they chose to act recklessly, it’s possible that they may collide with another jet ski, boat, kayak, swimmer, or they may even run aground.

It’s not just the operator of the jet ski that has to be responsible for their actions. Not that long ago, a woman on a jet ski was hit by the driver of a power boat. The accident killed her on impact. When police responded, they found that the driver of the boat was intoxicated.

Poor Maintenance

In many cases, the victim of the accident has rented the jet ski or jetpack from a rental company. This company is responsible for ensuring that their equipment is regularly checked for maintenance issues and correcting any problems that they find. If they fail to do so and an accident is caused due to faulty equipment, they may be held liable.

A Defective Product

Before a jet ski or jetpack is even purchased, the designer and manufacturers of the equipment are responsible for creating a product that is safe and will work the way that they describe. If the product or a product part is defective, the company or individual that designed or made it can be held responsible under product liability law.

For example, a woman has recently filed a lawsuit because of the injuries she sustained after falling off the back of a jet ski. When she fell, the water that was shooting out of the back of the jet ski was so powerful that it actually caused an anorectal rupture. Her torn anus had to be sewn shut and a double-loop colostomy was performed.

Another young woman who also fell off the back of the jet ski while her friend was driving was “gutted” by the powerful blast of water and sustained serious damage to her vaginal and anal cavities. Since the time of the accident, she has had to undergo nearly twenty surgeries. Despite her doctor’s best efforts, she will need to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of her life.

The injuries that are often sustained are not only life-threatening but life-altering and expensive to treat. So how does a victim get the compensation that is so desperately needed?

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A Lawsuit Is Often The Only Option

When someone else’s negligence causes injuries to another party, a personal injury lawsuit may be a legal option. The sums obtained through either a settlement or damages awarded in court can completely cover the cost of medical bills, lost earnings, the physical pain and suffering experienced by the victim, and even emotional turmoil.

If the victim dies from the injuries that they sustained, their surviving loved ones can file a wrongful death lawsuit which may also provide compensation for funeral and burial expenses, loss of consortium, and loss of inheritance.

I Signed A Waiver, Can I Still Sue?

Even if you’ve signed a waiver provided by a rental company, you still may be able to pursue legal action. The waiver does not mean that the company can’t be held responsible for poor maintenance of their equipment.

How Long Will It Take?

The length of time it takes to obtain compensation for a lawsuit varies from case to case. It takes time to collect evidence, interview witnesses, and file paperwork, so most lawsuits take at least several months.

The time it takes also depends on how the case is resolved. If a settlement offer is accepted, the case will close before going to trial. However, if the plaintiff decides to reject any settlement offers, the trial will need to be scheduled with the court.

How Can I Afford A Lawyer?

At Banville Law, our vacation accident lawyers recognize that our clients are already suffering financially before they contact us. That’s why we work on a contingency fee basis.

Our fees are discussed up front and we get paid directly from the damages that our client is awarded. If our client doesn’t win, then we don’t get paid. This way, our clients can rest easy knowing we have their best interests at heart and they have nothing to lose.

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