person in wheelchair

Like all other types of manufacturers, wheelchair manufacturers have a legal duty to ensure that their devices are safe before they’re made available to the public. Even a mistake with a small piece like a bolt or screw has the potential to result in an accident with serious injuries to the person using the wheelchair.

Our attorneys have seen a growing number of cases involving defective wheelchairs causing serious injuries. If you or someone you love has recently been injured by a defective wheelchair, you may be wondering: can I sue a wheelchair manufacturer for my injuries?

Filing a Product Liability Lawsuit Against a Wheelchair Manufacturer

Product liability laws are designed to protect consumers who have suffered preventable injuries caused by defective products. Every party involved with the manufacturing and distribution of a product can be held liable under these laws if they were responsible for causing a defect in the product.

Many product liability lawsuits name the manufacturer as the negligent party. Wheelchair manufacturers can be held liable for injuries caused by their products if there was a specific defect in the product (such as a faulty piece) or if the product design as a whole was inherently dangerous. Additionally, a product liability lawsuit can be filed against a wheelchair manufacturer for marketing defects – such as poor labeling, mistakes in instruction manuals, or insufficient safety warnings.

Types of Product Liability Lawsuits

Let’s look at an example of each of these three types of product liability lawsuits for wheelchair injuries:

  • Defective design – A wheelchair manufacturer may be held liable for defective design if, for example, the chair’s seat was designed in a way that caused falls.
  • Defective pieces  – Someone injured in a wheelchair accident could file a product liability lawsuit if the chair collapsed due to defective screws and bolts.
  • Defects in marketing – A product liability lawsuit could be filed for errors in the instruction manual that caused an injury.

How to File a Lawsuit Against a Wheelchair Manufacturer for Injuries Caused by Defects

Product liability cases are complex and will require legal guidance from an experienced attorney who specializes in these cases. Our veteran product liability lawyers can analyze your case, determine if the wheelchair manufacturer was at fault, and help you file a lawsuit against the wheelchair manufacturer for negligence.

If you or someone you love has recently been injured while using a wheelchair, we advise discussing your legal options with one of our experienced wheelchair injury lawyers in a free consultation.