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A History of Fordham Manor, NY

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The following article is sponsored by the car accident attorneys in Fordham Manor, NY. We hope you enjoy learning about the thriving community we serve.

About Fordham Manor

Fordham Manor is a neighborhood spanning Fordham University and the Harlem River in the Bronx, New York City. The popular neighborhood is most commonly known as the site of the notable Fordham University. However, the neighborhood has many other things to offer residents and visitors. Fordham Manor sits directly west of the stunning New York Botanical Garden and is home to three fantastic neighborhood parks: Poe Park, St. James Park, and Devoe Park. Fordham Manor is conveniently located along the 6 train, making it an ideal neighborhood for young professionals who need to commute. Since the neighborhood is the site of Fordham University, Fordham Manor has a young, vibrant feel. With several local attractions and easy commuter access, there is something for everyone in Fordham Manor. 


The Fordham Manor neighborhood's history dates to 1666 when Dutch settler Jan Archer found the area. Archer established a community spanning 3900 acres that continued to prosper throughout the latter 1600s. What is known as Fordham Manor today spans 6 miles of the original acreage. In the neighborhood's early days, Fordham Manor was patented from 1671-1762, so Archer could be referred to as the 'Lord of the Manor.' The official Fordham Manor building was built in 1751 and remained a notable historic building belonging to Fordham University. Since the manor was built, the neighborhood became notable for its numerous buildings, where several noteworthy residents stayed. One of the neighborhood's most noteworthy residents was Edgar Allen Poe, who lived with his wife, Virginia. The home Edgar Allen Poe once occupied is now preserved at Poe Park. It is also rumored that the inspiration for Poe's poem, The Bells, came from Fordham University's church bell.

Fordham Manor is a longstanding community that largely consisted of large estates and farmland throughout the 18th century. When the Harlem line along the New York Central Railroad was constructed in the 19th century, Fordham Manor had developed into a more lively community but remained residential until 1900. The neighborhood became more urban along with most of New York City, and more and more apartment buildings were constructed. Fordham Manor quickly shifted from a rural, residential neighborhood to a condensed, commercial area home to many businesses and Manhattan dwellers. Today, Fordham Manor is considered a favorable place to live in the Bronx and is known for its historic charm. 

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Local Attractions

If you ever find yourself in Fordham Manor, be sure to take advantage of all the local attractions the neighborhood has to offer. Within just a few blocks, you can find several notable buildings, parks, and local eateries. Some of the most popular destinations in the neighborhood include:

  • Fordham University 
  • William D. Walsh Family Library
  • Bronx Library Center
  • Edgar Allan Poe Cottage
  • Cơm Tấm Ninh Kiều

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Laurence P. Banville
Date Published: July 19, 2021
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