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Botox & Filler Side Effects That Can Be Experienced

At some point, you have probably heard about Botox and fillers, whether on a commercial, a celebrity magazine or through a personal friend or family member who has had the procedure done. For those who are unfamiliar with these cosmetic procedures, Botox and fillers may both help reduce wrinkles for a more youthful look, they also have some major differences.

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Botox, or onabotulinumtoxinA, is used to relieve problems with eyes, muscle spasms, an overactive bladder, migraines, or to remove wrinkles. Dermal fillers, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, also reduce lines and wrinkles, as well as decrease the appearance of scars, plump the lips, and improve the look of shallow contours.

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Over 90,000 people between the ages of 20 and 29 had a botox or filler procedure done in 2013 to enhance their facial features and hold on to their youthful, flawless appearance. While the media puts an emphasis on the beautiful aftermath of these procedures, what we do not hear about is the severe side effects that may happen. Most of the side effects will occur close to the injection site, including redness, swelling, pain, and even an infection, go here for more side effects information. However, here are some of the less common side effects to pay close attention to.

Side Effects of Botox

  1. When used to reduce muscle spasms, there are numerous side effects that could take place depending on the location of the injection, such as dizziness, double vision, swollen or drooping eyes, watering eyes, difficulty swallowing, headaches, weakness in the muscles, nausea, and sensitivity to light. A doctor will need to be contacted immediately if any of these side effects occur. They may be able to prescribe a medication, ointment, or eye drops to rid your body of the problem.
  2. When used to diminish migraines,you may begin to have neck pain, drooping eyelid, or even a headache.
  3. When used for excessive sweating, there may be no more underarm sweat, but you may come down with cold or flu like symptoms, neck or back pain, a headache, fever, or anxiety.
  4. When used for overactive bladder, urinary tract infections, a fever, a burning or painful sensation when urinating, or not being able to urinate may all be common problems that could occur.
  5. An allergic reaction is unlikely, but can be an extremely dangerous side effect. If you feel itching or swelling in the throat, tongue, or face, are extremely dizzy, are having trouble breathing, or have a rash after receiving a Botox treatment, get to the doctor immediately.

Side Effects of Fillers

If any of these uncommon side effects are noticed, as reported to the FDA, get medical attention right away:

  1. Raised bumps in or under the skin, also known as nodules or granulomas. If these are found, they may need to be surgically removed.
  2. Movement of the filler material to different parts of the body.
  3. Eyesight difficulties, such as blindness.
  4. Severe allergic reaction, known as anaphylactic shock.
  5. Stroke.

While many of these side effects are unlikely, they have still occurred in some patients. Keep a close eye on the injection site to make sure nothing unusual happens to it.

When a Lawsuit Should be Filed

If any of the previous side effects were to occur, they could have fatal results. If you suspect wrongdoing as well on the part of the medical community you had your procedure, get legal help as well as medical attention. Contact a knowledgeable lawyer who can explain the lawsuit process to you and help get you the compensation you deserve.

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Laurence P. Banville
Date Published: August 27, 2015
Laurence P. Banville is the managing partner of Banville Law. As an experienced personal injury attorney, Mr. Banville helps clients recover compensation from those responsible for his clients' injuries. Our firm is located in New York City, serving clients from the five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island.
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